Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wonderful Woman

As I'm sure most of your know, this week saw International Women's Day. 

Inspired by this, the blog How to Laugh in the Face of it all asked bloggers to link up a post celebrating a wonderful woman.

I'm not big on celebrities and the moving opening post was already about a mother so I had a little think about who I could write about.

A lot of my time when Ruby is at nursery or asleep in bed, is spent here online.  I have made many wonderful virtual friends who I love dearly.  I could write about lots of you, and if I have the time I will!

I did feel a bit self-conscious writing a post about someone entitled 'Wonderful Woman', but I asked her first if she'd mind - I didn't want her thinking I'd got some kind of inappropriate Twitter crush on her!!

I'd like to write about a blogger who inspires me. Who is kind-hearted and always there with help and advice.

Maggy and her wonderful blog Red Ted Art have helped encourage me to spend more time making and doing with Ruby.  She posts fabulous ideas, with simple instructions, and every post I read I'm left wanting to have a go.

She is always full of praise for my lowly artistic efforts, and has encyclopedic knowledge which I often tap into if I need help.

Sadly, the blogging world is not always a nice place to be. But Maggy is a ray of sunshine, who has picked me up and cheered me on.  I know I'm not alone, and have seen many others say the same of her.

When I first had the idea of Magpie Monday, she was so supportive, offering me tips on how to set up a link-up, and encouraging the idea.

When I organised a fundraiser for The Children's Trust with House of Baby, she generously and trustingly helped me with craft ideas and instructions, and shared them with me even before she'd posted them on her own blog.

I love her approach to life, how she raises her kids, and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously - well anyone who can post a photo on the interweb of herself blowing an egg...

If you're not already familiar with her blog, pop over and take a look. See if you're not inspired!

Thanks Maggy - you are wonderful x


  1. Ahhh what a lovely post! I agree wholeheartedly!!!
    And Maggy, wipe your chin, you've got egg on it lol xxx

  2. Oh my! Liz! What can I say. You dear dear dear woman.. I am telling you, this post is booked marked as favourite, and I will come back to it on any of those bothersome days when you need a pick me up!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

    And I can't wait for your virtual friendship to turn into a "real" one come Cybermummy or whenever we get chance!!

    Big warm hugs to you.

    PS and I am blushing....

  3. PS and your crafts are SOOO NOT rubbish!

  4. Oh you're very welcome Maggy. I meant every word. You do inspire me and I do appreciate all your help.

    I would love to meet up :0)

  5. Oh what a gorgeous post! I agree with every word, Maggy is a shining star!

  6. Here's to two wonderful women and their friendship. Thanks for taking part in my linky-up. See you again on #MagpieMonday although charity shopping tomorrow will be restricted as Him Indoors is going on a rugby jolly and I don't drive.

  7. That's such a lovely post to write about someone. I agree that Maggy is wonderful, but so are you ;-)

  8. Ah thanks DG!

    I feel all warm and glowy - we're all wonderful women!! :0)

  9. I totaallly agree re: maggi she has been a godsend to me too in a year where I needed a new good cherleader of a friend very very much. Good choice liz