Thursday 17 March 2011


I'm writing this short post in order to link up with White Lily Green's lovely new blog feature - Handmade Thursday.

Pop on over to see all the lovely makes that are linked up.

Inspire Me Beautiful

I'm finding it a very good motivator to try and reclaim some time to be creative, and attempt something more challenging than crayon colouring and hand-printing with Ruby.

Gently, gently, I thought I'd share with you these 'pictures' I made recently.

Always a fan of vintage / antiques / upcycling I was very pleased to find a bunch of filthy, rusty old keys at a boot sale.  I love old keys. The mystery around what secrets they hid, what doors they unlocked, who carried them...

I gave them a quick going over with a wire brush, hung them on the washing line suspended from string, and blasted them with a can of black hammerite spray paint.

When dry, they were glued and mounted into box frames.

Not the most arduous of hand-makes, in fact I'm not even sure it counts as craft, but they now hang proudly on the wall under my staircase. I love them and I hope you like them too.


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous Liz, you really are very clever xx

  2. They look fab - where are your box frames from? x

  3. Thank you lovelies.

    Lakota, I hunted high and low for box frames, searched on ebay and they were very expensive. I tracked some down in the sale in British Home Stores of all places, but on my recent trip to Ikea I discovered they sell shed-loads of them. Much cheaper too! x

  4. Wow, what an effective way to use keys, I love them. I share your fondness for keys, and once had an impressive collection of ornate old keys...must be in one of those boxes floating in the ether since moving three times!x

  5. Those are really lovely! Love the frames too - you are so clever! Thanks for linking up sweetie x

  6. p.s what glue did you use?

  7. I got over my phobia of Superglue (after once sticking my fingers together!) and used that ;0)

  8. Oh love them Liz. I made some similar ones with glasses (the ones you wear) in once. Like your keys better!

  9. Lovely idea! It's like you have the keys to a secret door up there or something :O)