Thursday 24 March 2011

Easter Chick

After making our Spot the Dog, I thought it might be nice to attempt a similar picture with a seasonal Easter chick.

I didn't learn my lesson after googling for pictures of rabbits - trust me, typing in 'cute chicks' gives some pretty interesting results!

We used:
  • Card (recycled cereal box in our case)
  • Paint
  • Split pin brass paper clips (you can buy these in WHSmiths, Rymans, Colemans etc)
  • Felt pen for details or googly eyes and felt piece for beak

I drew a basic oval shape for the chick's body, and then two wings and feet.

Cut out the shapes in card, and make holes where shown (you can use a hole punch or the old Blue Peter 'pencil and a lump of blu-tac' trick).

Ruby then painted the body and wings in bright yellow, and when done we added some red to the paint so the feet could be painted orange.

Allow to dry.

Assemble your chick using the split pins.

Once assembled you can draw on the eyes and beak.  However, I have quite a fondness for googly eyes, and when I spotted these in the supermarket the other day, I had to have them!  How cool are these?

Ruby selected the yellow lidded eyes with cute lashes and helped stick these on. Together with a triangle of orange felt for the nose, our chick is complete.

Meet Mabel.  She's rather shy.

I'm linking up with Red Ted Art. Check out the blog for loads of fab kid's craft ideas, and Thinly Spread's Something for the Weekend.

Thinly Spread


  1. Oh my, isn't your chick just TOO cute!! I love how it can hide (or go to sleep at the end of the day). What a giggle!!!!

    Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Much appreciated!


  2. awwww thats so so cute :)