Wednesday 9 March 2011

Make Old-School Milkshakes with Morphy Richards Meno Milk Frother

We were sent the Morphy Richards Milk Frother to review recently, and we've had fun making lots of frothy drinks with it ever since!

Ruby was keen to try some milkshake with the new frother, so following the instructions we used Crusha syrup as recommended, added cold milk to the canister and pressed the button.  I'm infamous for not reading instructions, so I stood there like a lemon waiting for it to 'finish' as the froth level rose.  It does switch off automatically after 2 minutes, but I found it didn't need anywhere near that long.  You can push the button again and it will stop mid-cycle.  So, we got our milkshake - super frothy.

I have to say it completely transformed the drink and turned it into the bubbly, light milkshakes you would expect to find served up in an old fashioned tea room, in a proper glass, with a bendy straw and a dollop of ice-cream.  It was delicious! 

Some of you will perhaps see this as another superfluous kitchen gadget, but then I could say the same about my slow-cooker, my sandwich toaster, my food mixer...and I use all of those. Generally, the main issue with this type of appliance that you don't use on a daily basis is storage, but the Meno is not particularly cumbersome. It's about the same size as a large cafetiere, so would easily fit in a drawer or cupboard when not in use.

Next we tried the hot milk function.  It froths and heats milk to 65 degrees, so perfect for cappuccinos and lattes.  I thought I'd try it out on my beloved hot chocolate.

Clearly at 65 degrees, it's not warm enough to make your entire hot drink in there (least not to my taste anyway) - you need to make your coffee or hot chocolate in the kettle/on the stove or however you do, and the frothed milk is just for the top.  I struggled a bit with getting the quantities right.  There's a min and max fill line, but to make your milk top for one person, you don't need as much as the minimum fill mark, so you end up with wastage.  Also, if you fill to the maximum, because you need to leave it on for a while (the programme is 3 minutes) to heat to the right temperature, I found I ended up 'foaming over'!!  Clearly some practice is needed here.  It would perhaps be better if the two functions were separate and it heated the milk first and then frothed it.

Also, a minor point, but it did have a rather odd noise - it sounded a bit like there was an angry bee stuck in it!

So, overall I'd say it was worth practicing with to get the quantities and timing right because it transformed my drinks and I LOVED the end result.  The gadget is currently available online with Morphy Richards direct at £59.99, but I did notice it being retailed by Dunelm Mills currently for £48.99.   However, Morphy Richards have kindly given me a discount code to pass on for 30% when purchased directly with them.  This would take the cost down to £42.  Just input the code MMS6030 at checkout on their website.

You can also visit the Home of the Houseproud blog to keep up-to-date with news, and get loads of hints, tips and recipes.

Thanks to Morphy Richard for allowing my to review it, I can't wait from my frothy frappachinos in the summer!

This is a sponsored post.  The Meno Milk Frother was sent to me free of charge for the purposes of this review.  I have received no other reward and the views expressed are my own and are accurate and honest.

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  1. Daughter would love this! It still sounds a bit pricey to me though, but perhaps I'm just stingey! Could have loads of fun with it :O)