Friday 4 March 2011

Make a Spot the Dog - jointed picture

It seemed nicely appropriate that we wear at Story Time at Ruby's Sure Start Centre yesterday - World Book Day.  We spent the afternoon reading and doing various activities around 'Spot the Dog'.

I can't take any artistic credit for this because the staff came up with this craft for us, but I thought the little dog we made was so cute, I'd share it with you.  Of course, in true Ruby style she didn't want to paint her dog yellow with spots and decided she'd rather paint it 'chocolate' colour like our dog.  She proudly presented it to our dog when we got home as her 'new baby puppy'.

If you want to have a go with your kids, I've drawn out the template for you below which you should be able to enlarge and print out.

You will need to cut out the parts onto either coloured card, or white card which you can paint (we did sponge painting).  Pierce or punch holes where shown, and assemble with the pairs of legs either side of the body, attached with split pin paper clips/brads for a 'jointed' dog you can take for a walk!  We painted ours assembled, but I think if we make another, we'll paint first - when he moves his legs you can see his white bits!!!

Finally, draw the features on the face, and we added a googly eye when we got home.

Cute huh?


  1. Oh my Liz, this is BRILLIANT!! I love your spot and so will Red Ted!! And a print out too..? My my!


  2. Wow, this is praise indeed coming from you. Thank you!

    Like I say, I take no credit, but I just thought it was too cute to keep to myself :0)

    Hope Red Ted enjoys making it x

  3. this is soooo cute :) and I don't have kids myself, but I doooooo love Spot

  4. Ahh thanks hun!

    He is quite cute isn't he? I reckon he'd look great with felt or fun fur fabric stuck on. that might be our next task!!


  5. Love it!! He looks like a happy Spot!