Monday 14 March 2011

She's like a rainbow

On Saturday we went on an organised event on the London Eye. As part of that event, they had kindly organised a face painter to keep the kids amused. 

Rachel from Brilliant Face Painting was absolutely amazing, and I hope she doesn't mind me writing about her art here.  Face painting in a capsule on the Eye is no easy feat, but in the 30 minute flight she'd achieved stunning results on 3 faces and 3 hands. Ruby has had her face painted quite a few times, but this is without a doubt the best I've ever seen.

Here's my Ruby's transformation...

Guess who wants to go first??

Carefully selecting the design...

A stunning spectrum of shades...

The rainbow appears...

A bit of colour to the cheeks...

Then filling in the beautiful details...

Time for a quick drink...

...while Mummy gets her hand done!

Pretty blue flowers.

The finished result, my beautiful rainbow child!

Which of course gives me the perfect excuse to play one of my favourite Stones songs (after Ruby Tuesday of course!) Go on - have a little dance, you know you want to.

Happy Birthday beautiful. x


  1. I didn't realise it had been done ON the eye, blimey! She a really talented lady, and you both look brilliant!

  2. Amazing! and I love your dress Liz x

  3. Thanks Amanda - yes she was so fast, but perfect!

    Molly, Thank you hun. Dress is charity shop (but of course!) originally Per Una :0)

  4. gorgeous face (and hand) painting and I too love your dress.
    did you enjoy your london eye trip?

  5. Gorgeous! Love the pic of you, poser! hehe...Very talented face paint artist (is that the correct term?) You both look amazing!

  6. LOL Thanks Tracy, in every pic of me having my hand done I was standing in 'teapot' pose!

    Yes, she was brilliant. x

  7. When we were told there would be a face painter I didn't think much of it but she was amazing, so fast and really good. Ruby looked great!

  8. aww so cute. What a lovely angel. x

  9. She's gorgeous!

  10. Aw what a lovely post! Had the pleasure of meeting you all on Sunday! What a lovely family!

    I love your frock!

  11. Lovely photographs and the face paint is beautiful! Love the clip at the end too :O)