Monday, 14 March 2011

The London Eye - an afternoon treat for Mother's Day

I'm sure most of you know because I've been blethering on about it, but Saturday was Ruby's 3rd birthday and as luck would have it on that day we'd been invited to an event on the London Eye.

I've been on the Eye before and loved it, but Ruby hadn't and was most excited about going on a 'big wheel' - so was Lola!

We were attending a special preview of the new Afternoon Tea Mother's Day package and were treated to a delicious selection of treats including dainty little organic egg and cress rolls, smoked salmon canapes on black bread, followed by mini scones with jam and clotted cream, apple cake and the most divine chocolate brownies.  There was a huge selection of teas and juice and I'm ashamed to say I was too busy scoffing and quaffing to take any pictures of the food! Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it.

I can share a picture of the birthday toast (that's my girl!!) and assure you all that it's apple juice. Cheers!

Even at 135 meters high, it doesn't feel in the least bit scary to me (and I don't particularly like heights). I think because it moves so slowly and smoothly and the pod is so large, you don't feel vulnerable.  Of course, kids have no fear anyway!

We admired the views, and it was such a clear sunny day you could see for miles and miles.

The only negative point to the whole experience was that it was over too quickly.  A rotation takes 30 minutes, and with afternoon tea to fit in, it didn't leave much time to soak up the views.  However, if you book the Mother's Day special, you are treated to a complimentary rotation, so there would be plenty of time to make the most of the stunning vistas.

I can whole-heartedly recommend a trip on the London Eye.  It's really easy to get to - just a short walk from either Waterloo or Embankment, and there's loads to see and do round-about.  You can visit the aquarium which is very close, soak up the carnival atmosphere on the South Bank with all the street performers and skate-boarders, see loads of free art around the Oxo tower and of course the Tate Modern, as well as seeing Big Ben and St Pauls nearby.

If you do take a trip on the Eye, you should also visit the fantastic new 4D film which is showing just around the corner from the boarding gates.  Ruby had never seen a 4D film before and it was magical to watch her reaching out to try and catch the seagulls and bubbles that featured in the enchanting short film.

For more information on the special packages and private bookings, follow this link.

This is a sponsored post: Very many thanks to the London Eye. We were treated to a complimentary flight and afternoon tea. Ruby also had her face painted and received a goody bag.


  1. Was great to meet you and your family on Saturday. What a wonderful day! I agree it was over all too quickly but would be a fantastic treat for Mother's Day. Who's taking us? ;-)

  2. Oh it was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous daughter too.

    If I want treats for Mother's Day I have to leave HUGE hints! x

  3. Lovely pictures and info - thanks for sharing - planning on taking our daughters there at Easter - is that Lola who enjoyed it as well?

  4. I love the London Eye and the whole Southbank with kids - feels such a relaxed place to be. Great face paint!