Tuesday 26 April 2016

My Fairy Garden Lilypad

A few months ago, Ruby was thrilled to be asked to go along to the photo studio with Interplay to shoot some promotional shots for the My Fairy Garden Range. It was her first time modelling and she loved it.  I enjoyed mooching about behind the scenes, sizing up the backdrops and all the lighting.  It was really interesting to see it properly done (ahem!).

She got to play with the My Fairy Garden Lilypad Garden planter which she absolutely adored, but as it was a brand new product and not yet launched, we've had to keep it quiet.

I'm delighted to say that it's now on the shelves and Ruby was over the moon to spot herself in a toyshop window the other week - she ran in and proudly announced to the cashier 'THAT'S ME!!'  It really has done wonders for her confidence.

We already had the Secret Fairy Door, so Ruby was familiar with the range, but she was itching to get her hands on the Lilypad Garden and have a proper play with it.

She spent a fair bit of time planning her 'garden', making a colour scheme and deciding on whether she wanted trailing plants or tall plants.  The boxed set does come with some grass seed, but she couldn't wait for that and wanted instant impact (can't think where she gets that from?!).

We took a lovely trip up to the local garden centre one sunny morning and selected her plants.  I was so impressed with all the care and thought she put into the process.

Back home, she set about planting it up, deciding which plant would look best where.  Once it was all in place and throughly watered in, she started on the fairy decorations.  The kit includes a mini windmill, but we added one of our own and she made some miniature bunting from some stripy straws and wash tape. She had a good hunt round her playroom looking for bits she could decorate the fairy home with and she has loads of ideas for making furniture.  She's asked me to make some more champagne cork toadstools, and she's been collecting little sticks to make a table. There's also lots of ideas in the enclosed booklet of additional furniture you can make yourself.

The little frog is adorable floating on his lilypad in the little moat saucer, and he's had a few trips up to our bathroom too for bath time! Each component is well made and sturdy, and so easy to assemble.  

Every day when she gets home from school, she rushes to check on her planter and make sure it has enough water.  I love that this is something she can take care of herself.

Check out the whole range of My Fairy Garden.  We love the little doors which you can hide around the garden. Such a magical range!

Lilypad Gardens is available from good toy stores RRP £19.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the Lilypad for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are our own.