Wednesday 30 March 2011

Our take on the humble party bag

Much as I would have loved to have done away with party bags altogether for Ruby's party, I couldn't do it!

However, I was determined that we wouldn't have bags brimming with stuff - plastic toys, rubber balls, notebooks, jewellery, sweets... The levels some parents go to is, frankly insane!

Helen from Jessies_Online very kindly offered to send me some of her cellophane bags to use, and they were just perfect for the job.  She stocks a huge range of different patterns and colours, and has some lovely Easter themed bags too.  Priced from £1.50 for 20, I think they are great value for money.

While you're looking in her store, you really must check out the super-cute paper popcorn bags - how great would they be for a movie evening at home?

So, for Ruby's party I decided to fill the bag very simply.  Inside each we put a slice of birthday cake wrapped in a pretty napkin; a balloon; some bubbles (which I bought very cheaply on eBay); and a bag of chocolate buttons.

*adopts the M&S advert-lady's voice* But these weren't just any chocolate buttons.  These were Chocadores pocket-sized Ecuador 39% Mini Milk Chocolate Buttons.

I'm delighted that Chocadores have started packaging then in smaller bags, and these are perfect for kids.  The mums were very impressed with the buttons, and I suspect probably ate more than their kids did!

The buttons are priced at £4.25 for 5 50g bag - so at 85p per bag I think that works out very reasonably.

Finally, each bag was tied with a balloon on a ribbon.  I pushed the boat out and used helium filled balloons, but you can buy balloons with sticks much more cheaply, and they would work just as well.

What was really lovely about doing it this way, was that they acted as decoration during the party, then they were simply handed out at the end.  Because the bags and the contents where unisex, there was no issue about how many of what sort to make up. The children got to choose which colour balloon they wanted, and they all went away happy.

Disclosure: Jessie's Online Store kindly provided the party bags free of charge - thank you.  Chocadores are my lovely sponsors for Cybermummy, and although I did buy the chocolate buttons, they gave me a friendly discount!  However, any opinion expressed here is my own and is honest.


  1. The bags look fab, love the balloons tied to them, I was a cheap-skate & went down the air-filled balloon on sticks route! Looks like the kids had a great time - I think we worry too much about about to keep them entertained & they just love to run around like loons!
    Thanks for the post & the links

  2. LOL. Actually, we bought a kit similar to this from Costco for about £25, and there were over 40 balloons included, so that works out at about 50p per balloon.

    It was well worth it I think as the kids had such a great time playing with them. Thanks so much for the bags, they really looked lovely and I was proud to hand them out x

  3. Wow they look great ! A very grown up party bag for a special little lady !

  4. they do look fab well done you x

  5. I think your party bags looks v. nice indeed.