Wednesday 30 March 2011

The Wonderful World of Zoobles

Since Spinmaster launched this range of cute collectable characters, they've been going down a storm.

There are over 150 different characters to collect, and aimed primarily at girls aged four and over, so expect pester power to come into its own!

Zoobles retail from £5.99 for a single pack and £9.99 for a Twoble pack, so not exactly a pocket-money toy I'd say - if your poppet wants to collect the whole range thats....gets fingers and toes out....nearly £750!!!

They are charming little characters which curl up into a ball. When placed on their magnetic 'happitat' they spring back to life.  We were sent one for Ruby to try out, and she really adored it.

But, no sooner had she got it out of the packet, than we thought we'd broken it - it curled into a ball, but we couldn't get it to pop open again.  Ruby picked it up and hurled it across the room. It hit the wall, popped open and has been fine ever since!  I'm sure this is not the recommended way to deal with something like this, but it is I think testament to how robust and resilient this little toy is.

It's a handy size to pop in your pocket or bag for distraction while out and about, although I have to say, it's diminutive size does make it tricky to find in the cavernous pit of a toy box we have.

They have a very cute website which Ruby has enjoyed exploring, playing the games and looking at all the different Zoobles.  Check it out - but please note the tempting competition on there is for USA only - shame!

Sponsored post - This toy was provided free of charge for the purposes of writing this review. However, any opinion expressed here is my own and is honest.

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  1. Yep, I think they're actually more bog eyed than the Squinkies!! You win. Battle over :O(