Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A walk on the wild side

Those of you who saw my Silent Sunday post will know that this weekend we went for a walk in the woods.  One of our favourite weekend treats, we kick through the leaves; swing on the branches; turn our ankles in rabbit holes hidden under layers of sweet chestnut cases and play hide and seek behind the tree trunks.

But this week it wasn't just a stroll in the forest.

Oh no, you see we were hunting for the Gruffalo.

We searched up and down woodland paths...

We searched this way...

and that way...

We looked behind tree trunks...

We enlisted our super-sniffer dog...

but to be honest, she was more interested in sticks. 

Hunting for the Gruffalo was thirsty work...

and exhausting (especially when you're carrying lots of woodland treasure!)

We curled our fingers and made fisty binoculars to look through, and asked passing walkers if they'd seen any sign of the Gruffalo.  We thought we'd found his special ladder for climbing trees...

Then Ruby took over camera duties, she must have felt there was a sighting imminent of that illusive Gruffalo.  We climbed up for a better view...

We looked high...(good shot Ruby!)

we looked low (Ruby shot again!)...

and we looked lower...(clearly another Ruby pic)

but he was nowhere to be seen.  We did find some mysterious mushrooms, perfect Gruffalo food...

and some more...

and even more...

we found new signs of life, yelling spring is sprung!

But we didn't find the Gruffalo.

Still, there's always next time.  x


If you are concerned about the government's plans to sell off huge swathes of our precious woodland to the highest bidders, then please sign the petition and help get 500,000 signatures.  Let's protect our forests for future generations to enjoy.

Petition here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/save-our-forests

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  1. What a fabulous post! I want to come and live with you!

  2. *Applauds wildly* FANTASTIC post! Well done you! Looks like you had a fab time (she's very good with the camera!)

  3. Thank you both *big grin*

    We love exploring and there's nowhere better than the woods.

    Christine - she LOVES using the camera, we were giggling watching her like David Bailey, she was so intense! But pretty good for a nearly 3 year old (apart from the butt shot obviously!) x

  4. Aww I love long walks like that - nothing better than a lung full of FRESH air! Looks like you had a great time :) x

  5. ah fab post you cant beat a walk in the woods exploring with kids :) we've a little bridge over a stream in the woods we go to and when k was little she loved re-enacting the billy goats gruff story over it hehe x

  6. Absolutely magical. I expect that fairies do live there, apart from the one that lives on my blog of coures, she's mine and she's staying where she is lol. Jude xx

  7. Oh we love Gruffalo hunting and have some lovely back of his running head shots while he says this way, this way!!

    Great photos.

  8. I love woodlands and I speak as a private sector manager who looks about around 40,000Ha of them around GB. I like most of my private sector colleagues have enormous respect for our fellow woodland managers and foresters in the FC. We now how they work to do what hey do but we also now that there are lots of other ways to achieve multiple benefits from woodlands.

    An informed debate about the way in which we secure our woodland future would be great. probably bit dull and not sell many papers but it would produce a huge range of benefits for many decades to come.

    Speaking personally the idea that the private sector are not as passionate about woodland management or as competent as the FC or the NGO's. Is pretty offensive.

    All the woodland I mange is owned by the public sector, has public access over much of it, is some of the most important habitat in the UK and sits in some of he finest and most protected landscapes we have.

    The same applies to the 100,000Ha of SSSI and other nature sites I manage. The added value that I as a private sector manager bring is reduced cost and greater focus on the clients (tax payers) objectives. If I do not get it right I don't get paid.

  9. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    My post wasn't meant in any way to offend the hard work that people who take care of woodlands do, be it in the public or private sector.

    Privately owned woods are not a bad thing per se (the woodland we regularly visit is in private ownership and has been for some time). What concerns me and a lot of others is our nation's forests being sold off and no longer retained as woodland. I for one do not want our forests all turned into holiday parks. I do not want public access restricted and I do not want natural habitats put under threat.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous post, with absolutely gorgeous photographs. I love the mixture of the Gruffalo with an everyday walk. A delight to read :O)

  11. and did you push that poor tree over in piccy number 4? Hehe.. gotta agree it does look rather magical!! Going to have to hunt on some woods to take Oli for a walk in! :)

  12. Super post showing the best parenting skills.

  13. Loving your boots lol, where did you get them?? Great read I would love to do your walk, looks wonderful

  14. Wonderful blog, must take mine on a Gruffalo hunt, we love going walking in the woods with my mum & her dogs, now I think about it, maybe we could find Ben & Holly in the woods my 3yr old daughters current favourite!

    Its something that is concerning, the way the media do portray things, would be good to learn more about sell off woodland plans, who would buy them and then what would be the plans for the woodland?

  15. Thanks all for your lovely comments.

    Sadie, these links might help giving you more info but ultimately if they sell the Forestry Commission woodland to the highest bidder, who knows what would happen. I can't imagine it would make great business sense to buy something unless it was commercially viable, and to make it commercially viable would mean certain changes. Thanks for visiting my lil ole blog, hope to see you all again soon. x



  16. Love it, exploring in the woods is excellent fun!

  17. Oooh I am glad that you didn't find him, he might of been hungry!

  18. We spend a lot of time Heffalump hunting, but we've had no luck so far. Maybe we should try the Gruffalo next time.

  19. We have a gruffalo in the wood where we live but have not seen it yet either!