Monday 14 February 2011

Announcing the winner of the UK Gift Gallery Competition

Another staggering amount of entries, thank you all so much.

There was also so many really lovely comments about the site and the gifts available, I am sure that UK Gift Gallery were very happy to hear.

A total of 62 people entered, with many of you taking up the option of sharing with social networks, so in total there were 346 entries - wow, I didn't know I could count that high!

So, you were all churned around in and here's who he picked...

Which was ....@gidders Well done Amanda, I'll be in touch by DM very soon.

To everyone else, so sorry, but you can all be winners as UK Gift Gallery offer free postage and packing on ALL orders, plus if you use code FBGIFT, you will receive a free gift with any order too. x


  1. Thank you Liz! and yes well done Amanda, if you would like any help don't hesitate to contact us here via email or telephone.
    Kind regards Sarah

  2. I am delighted! Thank you so much :)

  3. Well done Amanda, I've DM'd you. You are going to LOVE your hare xx