Friday, 4 February 2011

dfs Crufts Dog Show - I'm a VIP mum!

As a dog lover and owner I'm proud and excited to be a VIP mum at the dfs Crufts dog show this year.  The show, organised by the Kennel Club is in it's 120th year.  Although I've often watched it on TV (usually in awe at the behaviour and presentation of the dogs, compared to my own) I have never been.

So I'm really excited to be attending what promises to be a great family day out.  This year's show is held from 10-13 March at the NEC in Birmingham.  Keep an eye on my blog as I'll be running an exciting competition later this month in conjunction with dfs Crufts.

I thought now might be a good time to introduce you all to our lovely, lazy dog.  Although she is actually a pedigree, fully registered with the Kennel Club, you wouldn't think it to look at her!

Ella is a Chocolate Labrador, she's coming up for 7 years old and we've had her since she was an 8 week old bundle of fluff.  We had her long before our daughter came along - in fact for several years our dog was our baby!

Before she'd had all her jabs, we used to carry her around in a little dog-bag.  She was so adorable with her big brown eyes and velvet ears - a total babe magnet (which the old man took full advantage of).  I remember going into a shop in town, leaving him standing outside with her.  When I returned he was surrounded by gorgeous young women all gooey-eyed and cooing!

When I fell pregnant we were worried how she'd accept the new addition to the household.  But dogs are very instinctive and I swear she knew I was pregnant.  Before I even had a bump, her behaviour changed totally, and she went from an over-excited pet who'd jump up at me and leap on my lap, to a protective and gentle dog.

She took to Ruby right away, and accepted that she was no longer our number one priority.

Having a small child around has made our struggle with Ella's weight more difficult.  Labradors by nature are absolute pigs.  They will eat anything.  She's been known to scrape bubblegum up off the pavement with her teeth!  Going through the mess of weaning, inevitable dropped food at the dinner table and a toddler who leaves half-eaten snacks lying around has made for a slightly overweight canine.  Added to the fact that she's always had unusually short legs, she does look more barrel-like than the lean and lithe gun-dogs you see!

She may never win Best in Show, but we love her.  We love her for her lazy ways.  Her super-loud snoring.  Her tolerance and patience.  For lying down and allowing Ruby to balance on her back and use her as a step.  And most of all for saving me an awful lot of hoovering!

The Kennel Club are sponsoring my attendance at dfs Crufts.


  1. Ahhhh so cute, love the photo's! Big congratulations x

  2. Aww what lovely photos! Congrats on being a Crufts Mum! How exciting! I miss my dog :(

  3. Ella is a beauty and you look gorgeous too in that pic. Big well done. Mich x

  4. Thank you guys!! It's going to be a great day, I'm looking forward to it.

    Sorry about your doggie Tracy, had you had him/her long? Awful to lose a pet :0(

    Thanks Mich - erm what can I say. That pic is a few years old now. Blimey I've aged since then! x

  5. thats brill hun, love your pics, I will be watching your up-dates , hope we see u on the tv too. As u know I have 3 dogs and know how much they love and care for children, and us too always there to cuddle , have a fab time.

  6. Thanks Sherie, I know how much you love your dogs too. Keep any eye here and there's a few other VIP mums so keep an eye out on twitter for #dfscrufts2011 and @KCLovesDogs - there will be some surprises coming up ;0) x

  7. My doggies we had since I was a kid, cried for days when they passed.

  8. Oh poor you. It is so so hard to lose a family pet. I remember losing our dog from childhood. I'm dreading Ruby having to go through it, but it's all part of life I guess. I suppose for a lot of kids it is their first experience of bereavement. x

  9. Hello VIP mummy! Me too! Me too! Looking forward to the event and meeting the other VIP mummies!


  10. Hey, I might see you there I am working at Crufts on the Sunday :0) MWeston13

  11. hip hip hooray! Brilliant you are a VIP MUM too! I think its going to be a really great day and it will be lovely to meet you, but hopefully we can catch up before then xx