Monday 21 February 2011

Magpie Monday - Time for Tea

Firstly, can I just say how much I'm enjoying Magpie Monday. I'm loving everyone's enthusiasm for it, people's commitment and determination to join in - scheduling posts because they are away on holiday! Wow, that is just amazing.  Thank you all so much.

I hope the beautiful blog posts that have been linked up so far have inspired people to look differently at purchasing 2nd-hand products, rescuing items which would otherwise go to landfill and save natural resources by re-using items.

This week I'm going to show you some tea time treats that I've purchased from charity shops and car boot sales, and hopefully show you how you can decorate your home by thinking differently about things.

First up is this little dish with dome.  It's like a mini cheese dish, although with the exception of perhaps a Boursin I don't think you'd get much cheese in it.  What actually is it?  For butter presumably? I have no idea of it's real purpose but when I saw it in a charity shop for 50p I knew exactly what I'd use it for.

A fairly pointless addition to my kitchen I'll admit, but it makes a cupcake feel extra special and if nobody had bought it, it would have ended up in the bin. I couldn't let that happen!

Next up is this gorgeous cup and saucer I bought a while back from a charity shop for £2.50.  I loved it because it has a 'biscuit' saucer (least that's what I call it!) and will fit several hobnobs alongside my cup of tea.  I also like to use it in other ways and for the last two springs I have had bulbs in it.  Admittedly I should have photographed this earlier before the Hyacinth decided to take on triffid-like proportions, but it's still pretty!

Finally, it's time to own up to my secret addiction.

Jelly moulds. I can't help myself.  I just love them, and if I ever spot one at a car boot sale, antique fair or charity shop I have to have it.  I'm not talking about the ridiculously silly money Shelly moulds, or the super-expensive copper ones. Just the basic china moulds you can pick up for a couple of quid.  I don't care if they are chipped or cracked.  I don't have anywhere to display this collection at the moment, but I keep on buying them when I come across them - they are for my 'one day house' where I shall have an under-lit glass shelf mounted high up in my kitchen to show them off and forget to dust them.

I can't really explain my fascination with these.  I loathe jelly.  I think it's the history attached to them, the houses they must have lived in, the parties they must have served.  I have both sweet and savory moulds, some with flowers or fruit patterns, others with fish designs and asparagus moulds.  It amuses me to think of the aspic monstrosities that were once served at dinner parties.

Plain and unassuming, some might say unattractive on the exterior, inside they hold hidden beauty and complexities - I feel a strange affinity to them!

So what treasures have you found recently? If you have something you've bought or found 2nd hand I'd love you to grab the badge and link up a post below.  If you don't blog you can share a picture on Twitter using the #MagpieMonday hashtag or upload a picture and some words to the blog facebook page.

I can't wait to see. x

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  1. Love the individual cupcake holder, although I think it started life for butter pats. Would not be much good in my house as cupcakes tend to be made 48 at a time! Would be great to store your last Rolo! Also love your jelly moulds, love everything kitsch especially kitchenalia, I did start to collect wooden rolling pins and had them on display in a wicker basket, but during many house- moves they have gone!

  2. Love your finds. Your cupcake holder really does make that cake look scrummy & special!
    Love the teacup...But I have a strange love of tea cups and the jelly moulds are fab! I always think of My Nan when I see them as she had the old copper ones hanging on her wall when I was a kid x

  3. That cupcake looks delicious! I'm hungry now.

    And with the jelly moulds, I have a friend who has used them to make awesome cakes, great fun for birthdays if you can match a mould to people's interests (and if you're sure your moulds are ovenproof).

  4. Ahh, cake moulds what a great idea, I never thought of that!

    Thank you xx

  5. love the little teacup great idea using it for plants x gonna post something up later when i get chance x

  6. Oh Fabulous asparagus and fish moulds. I love thrifting too! I tend to get sewing and knitting second hand items
    So bizarre as I have just written a thrifting post yesterday! This link is a great idea. B:))

  7. How odd - we are completely on the same wavelength - I just did a post on my charity shopping blog today, all about jelly moulds! Mine are mostly pressed glass, but I have a Victorian one with a fish design too. Have linked up to Magpie Monday. I like your hyacinth teacup - have also recently done a 'how-to' post on teacup candles.

  8. Lakota, just popped over to see. How funny, we must be kindred spirits! Please get in touch on twitter @missielizzieb would love to follow and chat with you. Thanks so much for linking up - you have a gorgeous blog, and great name! x

    Hi Becky, you too! Hope odd. So pleased to have met new people through this x

  9. I love the little dome dish you are so right it is perfect for a cup cake. The cup and saucer are lovely too.

    Sorry I don't share your love of the jelly moulds, but I don't suppose it would do for us all to have the same passions.

    I so wanted to join in this week but I trawled the local charity shops all week but nothing jumped out at me. I am determined to find something though so hopefully one of these weeks I will be able to show my great finds.

    I think this is such a lovely idea and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts so much, it's fascinating what people come across.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me this week and hopefully my luck will change :-) x

  10. Hi Carole,

    Oh I hope you manage to find something extra special soon. Thanks for your support though, love that people can come here and find new blogs. xx

  11. I love your jelly mould collection xx

  12. I haven't blogged about my latest find yet but I'll tweet it now and hopefully link up next week x

  13. Love love love those jelly moulds. I know what you mean about "addictions" I have too many to mention!

    I'm off to have a good rummage round your blog! xx

  14. Just for you I've joined Twitter, not got to grips with it at all yet! Am new to whole blogging scene really. Anyway, won't be ignoring you, it just might take me some time :-) I'm @FHCShopping

    How nice, I'm your 400th follower

  15. I remember you mentioning your moulds in a comment on my blog - they are lovely, I'd be so tempted to have a whole tableful of jellies! I didn't get around to posting this week but think I've got something for next time :)

  16. Will sit down tonight with a cuppa, and go through all these. Fabby!!!

  17. Wibble, Wobble! I too love jelly moulds - what is it about them?
    I very almost bought a Fifties tea-set this week but was a good girl and left it where it was.
    That plant looks a bit phallic to me but then ...
    My bargains are over at
    Apologies for being second-hand in getting them posted

  18. Thanks everyone.

    Hope you enjoy the read Tracy, there's a lot to see, but each one posted is lovely!

    LOL at the phallic comment mumsarcade - hmmm that's kind of pur me off sniffing it now! :-0

  19. naughty, naughty missielizzie but then again we wouldn't have you any other way.
    Love, love, love Magpie Monday so thanks for starting it. Think about it as I shop and it adds to my fun every week

  20. Loving the idea of the Magpie Monday, i love nothing better than a trip to the charity shop or if i am a lucky girl, the boot sale !

    I am also a bit of a jelly mould fan too .. i even use them in my product shots !

    Sara x

  21. so happy happy happy to have found your blog via a recomendation from a twitter friend. My mum also collects moulds, both mousse (fish!) and jelly ones. i have just started to realise how much retro stuff I have around the house and shall blogging about it ASAP and hope to link up to your next magpie monday since i found something so pretty at the weekend. xx