Thursday 24 February 2011

But Mummy, I'm poorly...

We've been quite lucky that throughout the whole 'chickenpox' incident, Ruby hasn't been anywhere near as ill as some other kids. To be perfectly honest, the worst part about it has been being confined to the house for a week.

She very quickly learnt how to milk it, and I of course indulged - on the basis that if I'm to be stuck indoors with a poorly 2 year old, it might as well be a happy 2 year old. Anything for a quiet life!

She managed one day where she consumed nothing but Skips, Ribena and Peppa Pig DVDs. Another when she insisted I built her a den in the living room. She then retreated inside with all her teddies, her duvet, pillow and the remote control and remained there all day. Like a fool I fetched and carried drinks and snacks for her and posted them through the 'roof'.

When I finally made it out to the supermarket, I promised to buy her whatever she wanted for dinner that night as 'she was poorly'! Did she say she'd like one of mummy's delicious home-cooked roast dinners? No. Did she request mummy's homemade fish pie? She did not.

Her special request, for her most favourite dinner in the whole wide world fingers, Smiley Faces and peas. Hardly Cordon Bleu.

Smiley Faces are a bizarre potato-based foodstuff (I gleamed this from reading the label, because you'd never guess it from the taste). After eating these at our soft-play centre, she has fallen in love with them.

I consoled myself with the fact she was getting Omega 3 from the fish fingers, and frozen peas are probably one of the 'freshest' vegetables you can eat. But Smiley Faces? Pointless!

Although they do make quite good monsters.

What do your kids get away with when they're sick?

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  1. Lovely the smiley faces! You got off lightly! When the eldest had a black eye last year, I bought him a......puppy!! I'm a pushover and he's a manipulator!!

  2. OMG a puppy??!!! Wow, that's some manipulating!! x

  3. Ha ha this made me laugh. My little one has not been that sick yet but I am sure I will give into all sorts when she is x

  4. Hi Karen! Thank you for your comment, I love it when people take the time :0)

    But, oh you just wait!! I bet your little one manages to bend you round her finger too!! xx

  5. My youngest is ill at the moment and is getting away with murder. To be fair, he isn't well... but refusing tea then eating a few skittles has been known - and my view is as long as he eats something!!!
    Am on the ball though, so as soon as the temperature and illness has gone, its back to the no tea - no pudding game!

  6. Haha, thanks Kate. Kids are crafty beggars at times aren't they!! x

  7. Aww I always let this slide when they are ill. I know I'm guilty of milking it when sick as well - why not! lol Obviously draw the line somewhere lol...I don't think my kids have ever milked it more than special food...and I think they've learned the hard way that it doesn't wash after the fever has broken hee hee!!

  8. Too cute. You know, I'm ashamed of this, but I actually LOVE smiley faces. I really do. And fish finger butties.

    Ahhh... the food of kings.

    Becca x