Thursday, 10 February 2011

Postcard from our car

This post is part of the Kids Travel 2 meme called Postcards and Rock. It sounded fun so we thought we'd join in!

Dear all,

I love being in our car.

Asking what all the signs mean from the back seat.  Daddy says I'll know my highway code before I am 5.  I like to know what the arrows mean, the triangles and red circles.

When the lights turn red I shout "Stop, Stop, Stop!" and when they change I yell "Get Ready!" then "Go, Go, Go".  Mummy says I understand this better than Daddy does.

Sometimes I get bored and swing my legs and Daddy tells me to stop kicking him.  But I'm not kicking him, I'm kicking the chair in front of me.

Mummy won't let me look at my books in the car or have any snacks because she says I'll get sick.  So to cheer me up they put on some music.

My favourite is the music by the 'Something Monkeys', especially the song about the dancefloor.  Me and Daddy dance along, nodding our heads and I play the pretend drums.  When we're stopped in traffic people in the other cars look in and laugh.  Mummy laughs too when I sing some of the words. Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984. Dreams of naughtiness.

Love from

Ruby aged (nearly) 3

Our Rock : Turn it up


  1. Sounds fun in your car. Am a sucker for 80's tunes too - reminds me of great times 'back in the day!'. Thanks for taking part and hope you find some new blogs through the link up :)

  2. Great post hun, I'm sure she'll soon been teaching Daddy what the signs mean!

  3. LOL, thanks Mel. Well, at least she grasps the concept of one-way arrows!!