Monday, 21 February 2011

Practicing for Perfect Pancakes

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Easter falls quite late this year, which is a bonus for me as it gives me more time to get organised, to plan Easter egg hunts, decorate the house and more importantly, practice my pancakes for Shrove Tuesday which falls on 8th March this year.

I consider myself to be a reasonable home cook, but for some reason the simplest things elude me.  I fail on a regular basis to deliver a satisfactory boiled egg, omlettes are usually a sticky mess, yorkshire puddings are very hit and miss and pancakes are a total disaster zone.  Actually, thinking about it maybe it's the eggs fault. Eggs seem to be the common denominator here...

This year, I've decided we WILL have proper pancakes. Traditional ones with sugar and lemon.  There will be no congealed mess, hurled out of the frying pan onto a plate, no more thick smoke from burning oil.  I'm bringing out the big guns and enlisting Betty Crocker and their tips for making perfect pancakes.

While I'm about it, I am also going to do some homework and refresh my memory about the traditions of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter. It's interesting stuff, even for a heathen like me.

I'm also going to look into going to the Olney Pancake race, a world famous event which is practically down the road from us.

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What are you up to this Pancake day?

This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker, you can find more company info and recipes on their Facebook page.


  1. I want a video of you flipping pancakes like that! lol

    We always have pancakes on pancake day - actually, I made pancakes for the kids breakfast this morning - oh yes! *polishes that domestic goddess title* cough, splutter! They were good too!

    How do you eat yours? It's a lemon and sugar affair here, but I do like bacon & mozzarella (naughty though!)

  2. LOL Thanks Tracy - I will need A LOT more practice before I can do that!! I'm a lemon and sugar girl too, although I'm partial to some maple syrup, yum!

  3. Last year i decided to try out jamie olivers one cup pancakes they're not the thin crepe style ones they're the american style ones which i found easier and they were delicious with grated apple added to the mixture and then greek yogart and honey drizzled over the cooked pancake :)
    This year ive gone for a packet mix which i brought last week ready so i dont miss the day and upset daughter like ive done in the past (such a bad mum i am) so were gonna have traditional pancakes with lemon and sugar

  4. Always loved pancakes even when a child. There is the shrove Tuesday football near here at Ashbourne between the upperds and the downers. The whole town is involved.

  5. I LOVE pancakes but always forget that it's pancake day so end up running around on the day trying to find the ingredients. The interesting thing is - are they eaten instead of dinner or as well as? When I was growing up, we normally had 2 or pancakes as that night's dinner, not with anything savoury, just sweet ones. But hubby says that you have dinner, and then have pancakes as pudding. But how do people fit pancakes AFTEr dinner as they are so heavy and filling???

  6. We always have savoury pancakes followed by lemon and sugar ones...that's what you call a balanced meal!