Thursday 14 April 2011

Royal Wedding Craft Part II - That (Napkin) Ring!

As someone who spends more time than is healthy coveting other people's engagement rings, Kate's sapphire stunner is something to behold.  Such an iconic ring, and of course I remember it when it was given to Lady Di.

I wanted to do a craft with Ruby based around the engagement ring.  Here's what we came up with.

We basically improvised with what we had in the craft cupboard, and used

  • Gold card
  • Silver sequins
  • Stick on jewels
  • Glue
  • Scissors

The beauty of kid's crafts is utilising what you have at home - for instance, if you don't have gold card you could cut up a loo roll middle and paint it gold.  If you don't have gold paint you could go for the platinum look and cover it with tin foil...

It was also nice having a rummage around to find what we could use as the central Sapphire and the outer diamonds.  We had silver sequins, blue glass beads and big clear plastic cabochons.  In the end, I went for the cabochons, but rather that going out to buy blue ones specifically, I painted them with blue nail varnish!  You could also use those glass nuggets you get for flower vases.

Cut your card into strips.  Ours were about 3cm wide, but you do what suits best.

Snip halfway through at each end (on opposite sides) so that you can slot together to make a cylinder shape.

Laid out flat, stick on your jewels.  We looked at a picture of the ring on the internet, and Ruby described what she could see.

When dry, slot together to make a napkin holder or bracelet.

You can hardly tell them apart right?!

We'll be using them as bracelets.  Originally they were going to be napkin holders, but since we'll be spending the day celebrating at a party in a field, I don't expect there will be much call for napkin rings!

Note: Please take care using small pieces with young children.

Linking up with Red Ted Art's Royal Get Crafty.


  1. WHAT A FAB idea!!! Love it and made me chuckle!! :-)

  2. SUPER fantastic idea!! Ruby looks so proud and cracking up about your "hardly can tell them apart" comment! :-)


  3. Wow! amazing idea!I like it very much...

  4. So I adorable I featured them on my Royal Wedding Wednesday post today!

  5. Thanks everyone, and thanks Laura - I'm honoured x

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