Monday 4 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Pale but Interesting

Karen and her white house style must be rubbing off on me!

Rather than my usual colourful (some might say 'garish') finds, this week's offerings are more serene.

First up, I spotted this little set of espresso cups and saucers.  Plain white and very delicate, I thought they'd be perfect for serving desserts in - chocolate mousse; coffee ice cream, creme brulee that sort of thing...for all the dinner parties I host (in my head!!)

In the same shop, I found this set of glasses. Again very delicate, and unusual for me to find more than one odd glass.  I bought them not because we drink a lot of sherry, but because I thought they'd look sweet with little posies of flowers in until I get round to my candle-making I'm desperate to have a go at, and then they'll become little votives.

I thought I'd show you my lovely egg holder which my mum spotted for me a while ago in a junk shop.  We had chickens at the time, and often more eggs than we could keep up with, so this was a handy additional storage option, as well as being very beautiful.  It looks even more so with my white duck eggs in I've bought specifically for blowing for easter don't you think?!

Finally, I found this lidded glass pot.  With all this talk last week about Apothecary jars, I felt left out!  This is just as nice to me and for now I intend to fill it with my collection of vintage buttons.  It only cost me £2.50 and a quick whirl in the dishwasher and it's come out gleaming.

OK, that's the pale. Now for the interesting.

Last week, so of you may be aware I spent a day as a 1930's housewife.  You can read all about it here.  In fact I'd love you to go and at least look at the pics and watch the videos (that's right, my first embarrassing attempt at vlogging!).  The cynical amongst you may see this as a shameful attempt to make you read old posts, but the more generous will realise that I want to reward my lovely magpies, especially the most eagle-eyed of you.

So, I'm running a little competition.  I'd like to you look at the photos and videos in this post and guess how many items shown were acquired 2nd-hand.  If you've been paying attention, some have been featured on Magpie Monday posts!  It may include clothing, household items, decorative items etc etc. They may be in the background, or very prominent.

Leave your guess in the comment box here, along with a way to contact you.  The closest guess will be the winner, and in the event that more than 1 person guesses the correct number, the prize will be awarded to the earliest commenter.

Ah yes, prize.  I'm thrilled to be supported again by From the Wilde and they have offered this beautiful mirror and pouch, handmade using vintage fabrics by ELF.

If you're not already familiar with From the Wilde, you need to get over there now and have a good old mooch around their online store.  It's bursting with gorgeousness from some of Britain’s most exciting and contemporary designer makers, artists and illustrators.  They have very generously offered to give 5 randomly selected entrants 15% off too. Happy days.

The winner will also receive a copy of this fantastic book (hopefully right up your street). 'Bazaar Style - Decorating with Market & Vintage Finds' by stylist Selina Lake and Joanna Simmons -

"Create a beautifully individual home combining vintage, retro and flea-market finds with Bazaar Style. In this book stylist Selina Lake and writer Joanna Simmons show you real homes furnished with intriguing pieces from different eras and cultures, which mix and match colours, patterns and design. You'll discover a wonderful mix of vintage and retro influences, flea-market finds..."

So, what you waiting for? There's lots to do! Head over and have a laugh at me in my curlers, faffing about with carbolic soap. Get back here with your guess. Oh and of course, don't forget to link up your Magpie Monday finds here.  Grab the badge and away you go...

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Competition rules:

The prize is the handmade mirror kindly provided by From the Wilde, and the book.  5 other entrants will also be randomly selected to receive a 15% discount from purchases From the Wilde.

My decision is final! I have counted up the items, and counted 'sets' of things as one item.  I reserve the right to cancel this competition at any time.  The winner will be the person who has guessed correctly or the person with the closest guess.  In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the person who left their comment first.  Please ensure you leave a method of contact.  If the winner does not respond within 1 week, I reserve the right to pick an alternative.  Closing date will be 8pm Sunday 10th April 2011.


  1. Some lovely finds! I've gone for the white look too :) x

  2. Fantastic!!! I love the lidded glass pot. I've been over and had a look, I'm so nervous, probably totally wrong but I'm going for 7!!!

    Magpie Monday is reaching new heights!! x x x

  3. Ooh, love your finds especially the egg holder. I loved your 30s challenge. Will have to re-read to enter. I'll be back!

  4. lovely finds love the little expresso cups :)
    fab competition that mirror is gorgeous! As for the guess of how many things were 2nd hand im gonna say 16 :)
    Im just gonna do a quicky post for magpie monday this week as its nothing very exciting but will co-inside with a post for handmade thursday this week ;)

  5. Ooh loving your finds, will now check out your 30s bit. Scarlett x

  6. Great finds, I agree white always does look appealing when Karen styles it. The egg holder is indeed perfect for Easter, without being garish, but the espresso cups are my favourite - they'd definitely be fantastic for a chocolate mousse, maybe with a chocolate coffee bean on top?

  7. Brilliant finds! I stopped going to charity shops as don't really have much space left for anything - but you've tempted me now and may have to start participating in Magpie Monday...
    As for the competition I guess 9- Noticed that fabulous egg holder in there too ;)

  8. fantastic finds i love browsing charity shops and car booties my guess will be 8 mrstracey1972

  9. Love the expresson cups theya re delightful, if you read my magpie Monday we can now visit each other for coffee!!!

  10. Loving the little glass bon bon jar, wish my ocd would allow me to keep my buttons in a jar :(

    My guess is 19.

  11. Lovely finds this week, I love the egg holder xx

  12. The egg holder is gorgeous - I'd be terrified to have eggs anywhere other than in the fridge though, because Squeaky would find them & pull them over in a heartbeat. One day...

    And my guess is 22. (Spotted the egg holder!)

  13. You have gone serene so I have gone saucy.
    Lovely giveaway too.
    Not the biggest glass fan but do love your egg holder and love duck eggs duckie!

  14. oooh! So wonderful, thank you so much for the mention. *beams* I am so sorry for forgetting, so tired after this weekend and the trauma caused by the staff at Paddington. Will try and post something later.
    I LOVE The egg holder and what a great idea for the cups and saucers.
    Will pop over and see your 1930's post too.
    Fab post this week Lizzie xxx

  15. some great ideas for uses for your finds - it might make me look at things in a slightly different way next time I'm charity shopping x

  16. Love your egg holder and the bonbon dish -I'd so have to fill it with chocolates though :P

  17. I love the egg holder as well. (I am so sorry - I got in a muddle when entering my blog because a customer came on the phone in the middle of doing it. I posted last week's entry on there by mistake (no. 18).

  18. Wow lots of lovely entries this week. Fab finds again Liz!
    Think the cups would look lovely as candles, would be beautiful as they were lit and glowed!

    My guess, would be 25 (I've no clue really) preloved things in your post :0)

  19. What a fascinating experience- love the headscarf look. Lots of lovely charity finds- I love glasses,too My guess is 11 items.

  20. At least double figures,I feel it 18 items


  21. Another late one from me!
    I love the egg holder, I noticed that in your video.
    I will guess 12 items!

  22. i have utter EGG HOLDER ENVY! lovely x

  23. thumbs up for the egg holder from me too (and those duck eggs are gorgeous!). I did do my usual charity shop trawl today and came away empty-handed as is the norm (but then spent a small fortune in TKMaxx to make up for it!)
    will come back and enter your giveaway when I get a chance - love the mirror, and my current compact is cracked (yeah, yeah, I know the joke ...) xx

  24. Love your finds this week...especially the egg holder! Adorable x

  25. oh I do love the egg thingy, i covet that most of the lovely things you posted about today! the cups are cute but from personal experience I never use tiny cups, and as you know I have a vintage cocktail cabinet so full of glasses...... well let's juts say I'm forbiden to buy any more glasses!!

    Lovely things though, I like pale...must be the vampire in me

  26. Gorgeous finds. Well done.

  27. 15... am I close?
    caught your tweet on my timeline following you @kohsamuirosie

  28. I'd guess at 26 pre-loved items! @wendymcd83

  29. i would guess 23


  30. What gorgeous finds - I love the egg holder - absolutely adorable.

  31. Hi I tried counting and guess at 33!

  32. 13!

    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  33. Really not sure - going for 21.

  34. Loved looking at all these fabulous things. My guess is 23.

  35. lovely things I'm going for 24


  36. I'm going to guess 15 :)