Wednesday 27 April 2011

The Great Royal Wedding Fundraiser - The Children's Trust

Many of us will be celebrating the wedding of William and Kate on Friday. Maybe you are having a street party; baking red white & blue cupcakes; hanging out the bunting; organising a knees-up with family or watching it on the telly down the pub.

Maybe you're not all that into Royal Weddings but are just happy to get an extra bank holiday!

Whatever you do, please consider making a donation of £2 (or more if you can afford it) to the Children's Trust latest fundraising effort.  Think of it as your wedding gift - after all what could be more appropriate as a present for people who do (in the case of William) and will do (in the case of Kate) so much work for charities and good causes.

The Children's Trust are planning a big party on Friday so all the children, staff and families can celebrate the happy day.  They even made a wedding card and sent it to William and Kate wishing them all the best for their wedding day, and were lucky enough to receive a thank you back from the palace.

The Trust provides care, education, therapy and rehabilitation to children with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and acquired brain injury.  Their services include the UK's largest paediatric brain injury rehabilitation centre, support in the community for children and young people with acquired brain injury, The School for Profound Education for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties, short breaks, transitional, palliative and long-term nursing care.

They are truly an amazing organisation with hugely dedicated staff.  I'm very proud to support them, and hope that you might be able to also.  Can you spare £2 for their Just Giving Page?  Can you write a blog post like this or share on Facebook - the more people who see the campaign, the quicker they will reach their target.

  • Every day over 75 children in the UK are born or diagnosed with a severe disability or rare syndrome.

  • Every year The Children's Trust cares for over 250 of the UK's most severely disabled children.

  • There is nowhere else like The Children's Trust in the UK.  Their specialist combination of care, therapy and education for children with acquired serious brain injuries is unique. 

  • Over 3,000 children a year acquire a significant disability because of traumatic brain injury.

    1. What a fantastic idea. I remember when Charles and Diana got married they showed all the gifts that people sent them (which of course they didn't want or use) - how much better to support something like this.

    2. I Grace, thanks for your comment. I completely agree - I think it's a wonderful way to support this great cause and mark the day :0)

    3. I support the Children's Trust too - I have a years worth of 'tickets' for their weekly lottery, which incidentally is a fantastic idea by a charity (regular donations, plus the supporters get a chance to win a prize. Yes, we should all be supporting charities anyway, but it's a great way to sway the less committed!). I will add my extra £2 and retweet. x

    4. I just love that the Royal couple has asked for donations to charity in lieu of wedding gifts.

      Thank you for linking up!

    5. Absolutely wonderful idea. I have donated and will RT shortly.