Thursday 28 April 2011

A guy that really delivers

It's confessional time.

I'm a little bit in love with another guy.  His name's Paul.  I've never seen him or spoken to him in person, but he's so wonderful to me.

This relationship's been going on for a couple of months.  He's never let me down.  He leaves little presents at my door.  Sweet little gestures that show he cares.  He makes me feel youthful, bringing back memories of when I was younger.  He cares about the environment and is big on recycling and reusing.

I send him little messages over the internet at night. When I'm feeling fed up, he'll bring me Jaffa cakes the next morning.  When I'm busy and can't get out, he'll bring me bread for my toast.  Hell he even worries about my back and has offered to drop round big bags of compost for the veg patch.

He doesn't have the smartest car in the world, but he has a cute little float.  Oh, I've given the game away now haven't I?

Ok, ok, he's my milkman.  But the rest of it's all true.

I couldn't be happier with the service I've had from Milk and More.  You can change or add to your order right up to 9pm the night before - I've tried it a few times and have never been let down.

You can stock up on groceries if you don't have time to get to the shops, or your child's poorly or you have a busy day.

Yes, the prices are a little higher than the supermarket, but I've found them comparable to my local convenience store - and they get delivered free of charge to your doorstep.  They have over 250 daily essentials from eggs and cereal, to pet food and loo rolls.

The best thing about having a milkman? Real milk bottles!  Proper glass ones that you rinse out and leave on your doorstep to be used again.  Pushing your thumb into the foil top to open a fresh pint.  Hearing them clink when you open the fridge door.  I love it!!

We used a milkman a while ago, but I stopped. We drink organic milk and at the time the organic milk all came in plastic bottles.  Cutting down on our plastic usage was one of the main reasons we wanted a milkman, and I'm pleased to say our milkman now delivers proper pints of organic semi-skimmed milk in glass bottles.

If you key in your postcode here you can find out if you can get your very own Paul (not my Paul obviously, I'm keeping him!).  Best of all, if you start using Milk & More before end of May, you can get £10 off your first invoice 

Disclosure: Milk and More provided me with a credited account in order to trial their delivery and grocery shopping service.  All views expressed here are my own and are honest and unbiased.


  1. That's a brilliant service, like a little corner shop delivery. Our corner shop closed a while ago and has been sorely missed. I'll definitely look into this!

  2. You see, I'm fairly envious, that sounds like fab service! But.. the 'milk man' from milk and more came around to me a few weeks ago and couldn't understand why i didn't want to discuss milk with him while i was holding a screaming baby under my arm (and no doubt baby sick in my hair! in a strop he didn't bother shutting my gate which almost resulted in disaster..I am put off! :D Can i borrow Paul?!

  3. Oh no! Stressy time when you've got a little 'un and people come to the door. But that's exactly when a service like this would be most use I'd have thought. Wish I had it when my daughter was tiny and bleary eyed, with week-old clothes on I trudged to the shops for milk in the morning!

    Maybe give him another chance? We have to work at relationships after all. I'm sure you can talk things through... :0) LOL

  4. ah wish we had them here sounds fab especially when kids are poorly!
    just been nosing at their site and its way cheaper than our cheapest supermarket over here!! lol

  5. No Milk & More in Jersey??! Oh no - M&M are you listening? :0)

  6. Ooh sounds super - may just try it out. Looking forward to meeting my Glyn ;)

  7. ......and does your husband know about Paul?? Unfortunately we have no Paul's in my area anymore, the last one we had gave up his round 2 years ago :(

  8. LOL Jude!

    The best bit: he knows and he doesn't mind :0)

    Sorry to hear you have no Paul, hopefully they will be some new young blood soon x