Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Green Clean Challenge

I don't want to get myself a reputation or anything - I mean I don't actually enjoy cleaning. When I was contacted to ask if I'd like to undertake a 'green' cleaning challenge using no chemicals and document it on my blog, at first I thought 'easy. I'll just give up housework!'

Alas no. It seems I do actually have to do the cleaning still. It just means I can't do it without my usual arsenal of products hidden under the sink.

I do try to be eco. I do honestly.  It's just I'm rather half-hearted.  This task should be the kick up the backside I need to change my habits.  I really hope I can do this and I'm pleased with the results.

So, the other day this very interesting parcel arrived.

Slightly disappointed it wasn't a paddle - I fancied a canoe-based blogging challenge. However, it turned out to be a rather ingenious mop from e-cloth.  I also had a huge box delivered, which I couldn't wait to have a rummage about in.

('unsaved'??? Hmm, does that refer to the video, or my good self? You decide.)

So, there we have it.  A whole month of cleaning using no chemicals.  I shall pack up the contents from under my sink, and throw myself into this whole-heartedly.  Given that this month we are supposed to be putting our house on the market, I sincerely hope the e-cloths work!

Please follow my progress, and if you have any handy tips I'm all ears.

Sponsored post: I am undertaking a challenge sponsored by e-cloth.  I have received the materials as shown in this blog, however, all opinions will be my own. I have received no other compensation for this task.


  1. Love the video Liz - your reaction to the ecloth was exactly the same as mine 'How does that work?'! Look forward to following your progress. I have those eco-balls too, but I have to say I rarely use them, I miss the small of clothes washed in laundry detergent. They should have infused them with essential oils or something.

  2. Great Vlog...Look forward to seeing how you get on. Interested to see if those e cloths are any good x

  3. I have the e-cloths, love the blue one for cleaning windows! I was fairly suprised by them :) Good luck!

  4. If you spritz some heavily diluted essential oils onto (inside out) clothes before ironing, they'll smell lovely. Far less harsh for sensitive skin. Also soak stained clothes overnight in cold water and salt.
    Shampoo and shower gel are good for cleaning the toilet (would that be cheating?!)

  5. Thanks for the support everyone.

    Thanks Lucewoman - great tips, I'll give them a whirl. Am secretly dreading being without bleach :-0

  6. Wow good luck with that - does that mean you're giving up your dishwasher - for a month!?
    Like the sound of the e-cloths, interesting to see them in action!