Friday 15 April 2011

Easter Bargains Galore at Poundland

Firstly, please let me just say this.  There was a time when people felt embarrassed to be seen shopping in Poundland.  Just like when people used to cast furtive looks over their shoulders before entering a charity shop, to make sure their next door neighbour hadn't spotted them.

Well, not any more.  Shopping for bargains is cool. Be proud.  Repeat after me: "I LOVE POUNDLAND".

There, doesn't that feel better?

It's no secret that I love Poundland for craft materials.  They have an ever changing range, and I always pop in when I'm in town and stock up on essentials like card, paints and glue, but also grab anything unusual I see that I think might come in useful for projects - fabric scraps; wire cutters; letter stickers etc.

You can check out some of the crafts I've done using their materials, like these amazing fabric flowers, Easter bunny cards; and Easter cookies.

I was lucky enough to be sent a whole host of Easter craft goodies.  Some of which I've reviewed over on the Parent Panel reviews at New Mummy Tips.

I've had so much fun doing these kits,  They are amazing value for money, great quality and there's something to suit everyone from toddlers to adults.

My favourite was the hand puppet kit.  The pack contains everything you need to make two puppets.  And I mean EVERYTHING!  The pack says you'll need glue (not included), but you don't. 

How cute are these?  Ideal for older kids - or indeed adults.  My 7 year old self would have loved making these - hell, my 37 year old self loved making these!

The felt is pre-punched with holes, so you simply sew the two pieces together. The wool and a little plastic needle is included.  Then use the pre-cut, sticky-backed felt shapes to decorate.  It was like playing with fuzzy felt again - only more fun.

Just think, if you're going away this Easter or visiting family, sling one of these kits in your bag.  It will keep the kids happy and quiet for an hour or two.  Or keep them busy during the Easter holidays.

Perhaps you'd like to try the finger puppet kits, or a cute straw bonnet to decorate?

There are stickers and embellishments to make your own cards. 

Cookie cutters are not just for cookies!!

Paint stamps and rollers...

There are baskets and egg decorating kits for Easter hunts, the list goes on...

Pop into Poundland and see how far your pound can go!

Sponsored post:  I happily endorse Poundland products as we use them all the time.  However, after spotting some of my tweets and posts, Poundland kindly sent me a selection of products to try.  Thank you Poundland!


  1. Hehehe you really do love pountland don't you?!?! one of the mums at playgroup brought some of those eggs but with stickers and Red Ted ADORED them. He made 6!! And HAD to take one to nursery this morning... oh and woke crying in the night when he couldn't find one in his bed... kids eh. But at £1 for 6 they were great value for playgroup!!


  2. i love poundland for craft items - they have great easter and christmas craft which can be used as they are or easily adapted to customise!!!

  3. I think Poundland is well worth a visit - they really have some fabulous craft items - ideal for the youngsters to have a go at during the Easter holiday.

  4. I wish we had a Poundland. :(

  5. I love a bit of Poundland action, I got all my Easter wrapping paper, tissue and gift bags and Easter cards in there, fab! :)

  6. need to pop in there this mornining, great tip, thanks @Kahanka

  7. Have just found your blog! Its great! I love poundland too. I bought stuff like plasters and bandages from there for my children to play vet/hospital/doctors with and envolopes/stampers and stickers for them to play post offices! I am off to Poundland today in fact to buy easter stuff!

  8. Thanks for your comments.

    Fiona - I love that idea! My daughter would love playing hospitals and vets - although I can imagine me (and the dog) bound up like mummies in bandages!