Tuesday 19 April 2011

Kids Craft - Tissue Box Basket for Easter

I think this is a nice simple craft for kids and great for this time of year - of course you can adapt it to suit the occasion or season, but these baskets would be perfect for Easter egg hunts.

Take one empty cube-shaped tissue box and cut down to required depth of basket.  We had a pretty patterned one, and nowadays they come in a huge variety of designs.

Retain the off-cut part to make a handle.  Trim a strip for the basket handle and secure to the sides.  You could staple it on, glue it or tape it, but I used split pin paperclips - mainly because I have hundreds of them left over from our Spot the Dog and Easter Chick crafts, but also because this makes a nice 'swingy' handle.  Use some blu-tac and a pencil to punch the holes through the card first.

Then I asked Ruby to decorate the basket.  Here's where their imagination comes in.  Stupidly I'd told her that we were making cakes to go in the basket, so she was keen just to get on to that part.  Usually given free reign with glue and bits and bobs, this would have come out covered in feathers, glitter, paint, pompoms...you name it!  She reluctantly agreed to stick a few sequins on it and a sticky gem on the handle, but that's fine - it was a pretty box to begin with.

When dry I filled it with shredded tissue that I had left over from a gift box, and we're using it to take some cakes round to a friend today.  Much nicer than transporting them in an old ice-cream tub don't you think? As it's Easter, they are of course the ubiquitous chocolate cereal nest cakes, resplendent with eggs and fluffy chicks.

I wonder why she was so keen to get on to the cake making part?


  1. Oh that is cute!!! Clever you!

  2. ah sweet k made one of them at school simple but effective little baskets
    And awww look @ little miss choccy chops hehe x

  3. The nest carrier is so cute! What fun!

  4. great idea! My kids love to carry around baskets and buckets. This would be perfect for them. Thanks for linking up! =)

  5. Very cute little basket! Great use of materials. Love the chocolate coated grin too! :O)

  6. Thanks for your comments.

    We took these to a friend and her kids - they were very impressed! x

  7. Cute basket! My daughter loves to carry baskets, she would love this! after play the basket can be used to organize her little toys too!

  8. very pretty. kids luv to carry such colourful, cute bags.........my kid really luvd this

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