Monday, 11 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Birthday Treats

I realise it's not everyone's idea of heaven, but I spent my birthday weekend away in the depths of Suffolk, happily trawling the charity shops. We even managed to stumble on a car boot sale on Sunday, and spotted a garage sale on the way home.  This resulted in a very uncomfortable drive home with stuff wedged in the car and Ruby demanding "why have we got all this stuff Mummy?"

We did manage to fit in some 'normal' stuff - like a long country walk, a visit to the beach, a nice meal out etc- but the treasure hunting was perhaps my favourite part.

In a little charity shop, crammed in the plastic tub of non-descript pictures and frames, I found this little gem.  I spotted the corner first and instantly thought it might be Art Deco.  When I pulled it out and turned it over, it was apparent it was an old frame - not a naff reproduction one.  Even better, I spotted the price sticker - £3!!

It needs a bit of tidying up, and the stand on the back is missing but I think I can repair it.  I just need to find a suitable photo to do the shell pink colour and mirrored frame justice.

Then we popped into what is probably the largest Oxfam store I've ever been in.  Sadly it was 10 minutes before closing time and the manager was making a big song and dance about how she had to get away on time.  Much rushing around like a headless chicken, resulted in nothing, until I spotted the little locked cocktail cabinet which served as their vintage section.  It was full of sparkles and baubles and after getting it unlocked, I sat on the floor and had a rummage.

I spotted this ring, which I loved instantly.  It's a Sarah Coventry ring, so I was surprised it had been picked out for display in the locked cabinet, yet still had a price tag of only £1.99.  I've worn it every day since I purchased it!

My old man had never heard of Sarah Coventry, so I tried explaining that although only costume jewellery, her items were quite collectable.  I logged on to Ebay to show him, and lo and behold there was an identical ring for sale at £23.50 - result!  Not that I'm going to sell it.

Finally, possibly the purchase I'm most pleased with.  We stumbled upon a car boot sale quite late in the morning.  Most stalls were already packing up, but I saw this cute little dog still out on the floor with some other bits while his owner packed up the car.  I could tell he was wearing a little Liberty print coat from 50 paces, but was even more pleased when I picked him up to find he had a Liberty label on too.

Now, here's where it's handy to have a cute daughter!  She took him off me and began to cuddled him, gazing adoringly at her new Scottie.  "Ahhh" said the ladies.  "Let me see how much he is Ruby" I said.  "How much do you want for the dog?" I asked.  "Oh" she replied "well, I did want quite a bit for him, he's Liberty you see".  One more look at Ruby and she said "give me £2 for him and he's yours".

We skipped gleefully away!!

Before I ask you to link up your finds, I must give you news of the competition I ran last week with a gorgeous prize donated by From the Wilde.

I asked you to count up how many pre-owned items you could spot in the pictures and videos on the 1930's housewife challenge.  The answer was:

1. Headscarf
2. Apron
3. Teacup & Saucer
4. Dining Table
5. Mixing Bowl
6. Casserole Dish
7. Egg Holder
8. Storage Jars
9. Bread Bin
10. Teapot
11. Tea/Coffee/Sugar canisters
12. Washboard
13. Blouse
14. Skirt
15. Telephone
16. Copper jug
17. Dish (in fireplace)
18. Glass Bottle
19. Vase on drawers
20. Vase on mantelpiece
21. Glass in hand

So, the lucky winner who gets the Bazaar Style Book and the ELF Mirror is....Molly and the Princess! Well done. (Sorry hughese6, you also guessed correctly, but Ms Molly was first).

Thanks to all who entered.  The lucky others randomly drawn to receive the 15% discount with From the Wilde are Tamzin Sharma; Make Do Mum; Gidders1; ChrisTea and Cakes; and Inside the Wendy House.

Big thanks to From the Wilde for supporting the competition, and Magpie Monday.  Would all winners please DM me on twitter with your emails so I can get the discount code to you, and Ms Molly - I need your address please.

So, what with all that excitement, I nearly forgot the link-up.  Please grab the badge and link up your second-hand goodies - I'm a nosey beggar and I'd love to see!

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  1. Oh yes, having a cute child in tow DEFINITELY helps get a bargain - specially when little old ladies are involved ;) x

  2. Now that's what I call a birthday treat, I enjoyed a treat like that last Saturday and it wasn't even my birthday, Mr Right endures so much ;)

    Great finds as usual, especially the ring! :)

  3. ooh I'd love a birthday trawling the charity shops - perfect day! Loving that little liberty dog :o) Scarlett x

  4. Wow! That ring is beautiful! What a find. We're not so exciting this week, though the blue would go very nicely with Squeaky's latest outfit.

  5. Morning! What a fabulous birthday treat, exactly how I am going to spend mine!!
    I love the ring, the blue is so pretty.
    I can't wait to join in again next week when I'm home.
    And well done to Molly and the princess on her lovely win!!
    Happy Magpie Monday!

  6. Now that is my idea of a perfect weekend (probably minus my children though ). Some great finds there. I LOVE the ring and as for the Liberty doggy well done !

  7. I like the ring best of all. I must look like such a terrible mother cos when we go to car boot sales, stall-holders give my children stuff for free. Just thinking what to talk about this week and will then link up.
    Bargain-hunting is a joy. You are totally normal or as normal as I am anyway which may not be much of a reassurance lol

  8. Oooh I love the ring it's gorgeous!

    Glad you had a nice Birthday weekend, 'Happy Belated Birthday' btw. :-) x

  9. Once again SUPER LIZ! Amazing bargains - and using Ruby as a bargaining tool, genius ;) And YAY, I win the mirror, my eagle eyes may not be any good in charity shops, but have done me proud here! (Just waiting on my camera to charge up then I'll do my Magpie Monday - so pleased I have something to show today, even if not as impressive as yours!).

  10. Sounds like Birthday heaven to me! What a super find, the ring is beautiful. I love Costume jewellery too, particularly Trefari & Juliana; sadly haven't spotted any for £1.99 yet though :)
    Little Ruby clearly has her mummies magpie homing device too.
    Looks like you had a perfect weekend and fab weather for it. x

  11. Sounds like a perfect break to me - where do I sign?! And happy belated birthday. Love the frame (obviously - love art deco) x

  12. Love your ring, Lizzie - absolutely gorgeous. I'd never heard of Sarah Coventry, either - but am now a fan!

  13. Oh my, your ring is just stunning Lizzie!! What a fantastic find!!

    Jem xXx

  14. Fantastic finds and a fabulous way to spend a birthday weekend xx

  15. Lovely Finds this week Lizzie...Love the frame! Gorgeous x

  16. grt finds and well done ms molly ;)

  17. Mmmm, my birthday soon and what a way to enjoy it. Love the finds, especially the ring WOW xx

  18. Love your finds, especially the dog, what a great bargain! ... :0)

  19. Wow - you really are the charity shop queen! Loving that ring! Go you!

  20. I do love your ring! That's gorgeous! :O)

  21. Just found you so I'm partying for the first time!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  22. Love the Liberty dog - has this woman at the car boot sale never heard of ebay?! Imagine what little doggie would bring!

  23. Thanks for all your comments and all the amazing posts linked up this week.

    Please do check them all out and show them some bloggy love.


  24. Ooooh your doggy is so cute - I think he might lkike to come and live with me to keep my puppy company x

  25. Ruby clearly has better taste than K and that scary old bunny I had to buy for her!
    Just had a look at From the Wilde's website, so much nice stuff (love the egg cups), will put the discount to good use! My email is makedomum (at) gmail (dot) com x