Monday 24 October 2011

Toy Genius Review - Djeco Mini Families Card Game - Halloween treat!

I'm a Toyjeanius toy genius

Its been a long time coming, but finally, here is my review for the lovely Toyjeanius.  Totally my fault - combination of illness, house-move and general not-being-very- organised.  Apologies!

I was sent a stunning card game by Djeco called Mini Families.  Based on the traditional Happy Families game, this is suitable for 2-4 players and is aimed at ages 4-7 years.

To be totally honest, at only 3 1/2, Ruby did struggle to hold the cards in her hand.  I am going to invest in this nifty little device from Toyjeanius so she can play by herself, without having to pair up!

Despite the difficulty of holding a hand of cards, Ruby loves to play this game.  She likes it best when she pairs up with me, and we can beat Daddy, Nana and Grandad!

She's also found she can play her own version of snap and pairs with the cards, so the deck will keep her happily entertained if I'm busy.

I adore the illustrations on the cards - reminiscent of Tim Burton characters, this would be a perfect Halloween treat, or maybe a party prize.

Instead of the traditional Master Bun the Baker's son et al, the characters are from the Toad; Sorcerer, Royal; Ghost; Troubadour; Knight and Fairy families.  Each family has four members, and the idea is to collect complete sets the same as you would in the original game.

If you are not familiar with Djeco Toys, I recommend you check them out. Toyjeanius stocks a wide range of their games; toys and puzzles.  The style and design is very cool and instantly recognisable.

The Mini Family card game is available from Toyjeanius priced at £6.95 plus p&p.

I'll leave the final verdict to Ruby:

Sponsored post: Written as part of my Toy Genius Role. The game was provided free of charge for the purpose of this review, however, the views expressed are our own.

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  1. I spotted the card holder too! Even my daughter at 9 struggles to hold her cards so it would be great for all ages - such a great idea!

  2. I loved Happy Families as a kid, what a great idea bringing a new twist to a retro game. Can't wait till the Boy is old enough for card games.

  3. Ruby is such a little cutie! She likes it cos there's 'Big people & Little people!' Aw.... They do look nice. As you say, they'd be a great game to play at Halloween. :O)

  4. Looks like a fab game and I really like the illustrations. Ruby certainly seems to think it's dabulous!

  5. That looks like a great version, the illustrations are super! Had never heard of the brand before but I shall have a look this evening perfect stocking fillers! :)

  6. Looks fantastic! I absolutely love Djeco for it's beautiful design.