Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Show me your stationery

I was having a lovely day today pottering about, until someone came and spoilt it for me.

Trying to move on, but still feeling very very annoyed.

So, I thought I'd spend some time with today's new purchase to cheer myself up.

After nipping to the supermarket this morning, I popped into the charity shop opposite - well, it would be rude not to.  A quick scan and I could see nothing to take my fancy. Luckily, before turning on my heel, I spotted this beauty.

Hold me tight 

A huge, gorgeous paper clip. Perfect for keeping all those scraps of paper I jot random things down on, in one place.

You don't see that very often anymore

I realise not all of you will get excited about a paperclip, but the folks over at Molly and the Princess' blog are on my wave-length I'm sure.

It's perfectly formed, gloriously retro, and has a satisfyingly strong grip. Oh, and the best bit? It only cost me 20p *happy dance*.

Pop over to Molly's blog for more lusty stationery perving.

Molly and the Princess


  1. Oh I could really do with one of those, it's like a big bulldog clip...is that the right word??

  2. It's a masterpiece of understated design, perfect marriage of form and function, a thing of beauty! Yes gidders1, a big bulldog clip is the correct term I believe :) Liz, you've got me swooning ... (Sorry SMYS will be late, but I am not going to be home till midnight now - will link you up tomorrow)

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. and giving us call all the information. Thanks for the fun challenge!