Monday 31 October 2011

Tiny Who? Tiny Me!

A few weeks back I was invited by Blog Match to a presentation by Australian company Tiny Me, producers of designer personalised kids products.

Spend the evening in a swanky hotel; night off from being a mum; get to meet lots of other lovely bloggers - yes please!

We were treated to a lovely talk and overview of the company by Mike and Ben.  I really warmed to these guys straight away.  Their passion and enthusiasm for their products and business was infectious, and I loved the way their children and families were integral to everything they do.  How many British businessmen do you know who would include snaps of their kids in a business presentation?  It's a shame, but I guess we're just too uptight here!

The business has been running sucessfully in Australia for the past 5 years, and in July 2011 they launched in the UK.  Selling cool personalised kids products,  their eye for design is clear.

Tiny Me takes immense pride in their designs, and the attention to detail shows - bags are lined with their distinctive ticking stripe and even the zipper pull is branded.

They go the extra mile in their manufacturing process too.  For example, their sticky name labels are scratch resistant  dishwasher-proof, freezer-proof  and microwave-proof.

The website is a joy to use, and it's simple to design your own individual order.  There's a huge array of personalised items to choose from - iron clothes labels, height charts, books and stationery; bags and wall art.

To get a flavour of their cool designs, why not sign up for the newsletter and get immediate access to their free downloadables.

I reckon you'll be hooked!

Sponsored post: Many thanks to Blog Match and Tiny Me for hosting the presentation evening.  All views expressed here are my own.

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