Tuesday 11 October 2011

I'm in cahoots with Incahoot

Incahoot - better together

The other week, myself and some fellow bloggers were invited to a round-table event with Incahoot, the online group buying community.

Hopefully I'm fairly representative of a normal (ish) mum, and it was great to be asked for feedback about their site, their products and their business.  When companies take on board your opinions in this way, I think it really is proof that they care about their customer's experience.

So what is Incahoot?  Well, it's not a comparison website. You won't see lots of adverts featuring opera singers or rodents in dinner jackets.  It's not a 'daily deals' site. You won't be panicked into purchasing a fishy foot spa or a vajazzle session you neither want nor need, but you feel compelled to hit the 'buy' button just because the offer expires in 28 seconds.

No. Incahoot is a sensible, grown up, totally new way to get great deals on essential household bills like your utilities, broadband and mobile phone.

Like a traditional co-operative, they use people power, to secure the best deals. Using group buying power, they negotiate exclusive discounts.  Buy joining together it means the average man or woman on the street can have the clout previously reserved for huge companies to secure great deals.  Not only that, but once you join, you can earn by spreading the word and referring others to the site.

It's free to become a member, and it's worth checking out their deals regularly to see what's on offer. you never know, you might just consider changing your electricity company or upgrading your mobile phone.

Disclosure: I attended an event sponsored by Incahoot, however I was under no obligation to blog about them. Any views expressed here are my own and no financial reward was paid. If you choose to join using the link above, and subsequently make a purchase, I may receive a referrers fee.

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