Thursday 13 October 2011

Fancy Dress Outfitters - Scooby and Shaggy!

I was recently contacted by Fancy Dress Outfitters and asked if I'd like to review their costumes.  Well, Halloween is absolutely one of my favourite times of the year and we love to decorate the house, dress up and go trick-or-treating - just got to figure if it's socially acceptable in our new neighbourhood!

So, my first job was to select a costume for Ruby.  Unlike lots of the high street shops and supermarkets, Fancy Dress Outfitters have a HUGE range for young children and toddlers (they also cater for babies!).

Ruby is getting to the age where she's a bit scared by spooks and ghouls, in fact in town this week she nearly leaped out of her skin when we turned an aisle and were unexpectedly faced with a life-sized mannequin dressed as the Grim Reaper - there were tears!

So, already I was liking Fancy Dress Outfitters because they have all sorts of costumes that can be worn for Halloween and beyond - characters; super heroes and animals etc.

I finally settled on this gorgeous Scooby Doo outfit, and when it arrived Ruby Doo was SO excited!

S'cuse the tummy!

She couldn't wait to get in unpacked.

Getting to know you

It was simple to put on, and was a pretty good fit. I loved the details like the collar and tag and of course the tail!  The paws slip over the hands and feet with elasticated straps, meaning you can wear your normal shoes hidden underneath.

The dog showed a lot of interest!

Ruby quickly discovered how to manoeuvre in the costume for full theatrical effect!  She's planning on wearing it to her nursery party on the 31st.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the costume - this isn't one that's going to fall apart after one wear.  I can see us getting lots and lots of fun out of this - I just hope she doesn't ask to wear it out EVERY day!

The website is brilliant too.  There's a great search facility at the top of the home page where you type in "who do you want to be?"  It will then show you all suitable costumes: brilliant for fancy dress parties.

Oh, and I got a costume too!  I don't feel brave enough to show you it on, and I expect I won't be wearing it to the school gates, but the old man can't wait for Halloween now!  So, if Ruby's Scooby, that makes me...?

Massive thanks to Fancy Dress Outfitters for sending me these costumes to review - it's been one of the most fun reviews ever!

Disclosure: I received the 2 costumes free of charge for the purposes of this review, however, any views expressed are my own, honest opinions.


  1. ohh ruby as scooby :) soooo cute!

  2. Looks like great fun. OH can grow his bead back and be Shaggy ;) and Liz as ... Thelma? Marcia? - or maybe just the evil villian, mwahahaha (sorry, it's been a long day!)

  3. That is an amazing costume! Love how the dog is looking at her like what are you wearing?!

  4. Aww what a fantastic costume. She will look so cute. Love yours too. I need to get mine sorted. x

  5. Love Ruby-do My kids would love it as they love scooby.Wish Id get to review costumes be right up my alley lol

  6. That is a fab costume. She looks so cute in it. We have a fancy dress Halloween party to go to so I will check this site out.