Monday, 17 October 2011

Blackcurrant Biscuits - Magic Melting Icing

Blackcurrant Magic Melting Icing

We were recently sent some baking products from Renshaw to try.

Unfortunately Ruby's had a stinking cold for weeks now and I didn't fancy eating anything she'd coughed and sneezed in!  We finally got round to making some cookies today, and I let Ruby help to decorate them with the Magic Melting blackcurrant icing.

Helpfully, there's a recipe on the side of the pot for shortbread biscuits, but I made my own vanilla cookies - large ones!

I've never used this type of icing before - usually I make my own with icing sugar and water, or butter for creamy icing.  It does however mean we end up with luridly coloured decoration, and completely artificial!

The beauty of this icing is that it's flavoured and coloured with natural blackcurrant juice.  It adds a wonderful fruity tang to the icing leaving it just nicely sharp - not that sickly sweet taste I usually get with my icing.

You simply melt it in the microwave and pour or pipe on.  I need to practice a bit with this as I think I overheated it, so we had to wait for it to cool down before using it for quite a while.  Totally my fault I suspect - we have an ancient microwave with a turn dial timer rather than a digital one, which makes precise timing difficult!

I let Ruby 'help' pipe the icing so it all went a bit wobbly!

Between us we knocked up a delicious teatime treat.

The magic melting icing is just one of Renshaw's range in conjunction with Flossie Crums  Check out the gorgeous My Bakes website, and for older children, the lovely and Flossie Crums website is full of great recipes, ideas and games.

Magic Melting Icing is available from supermarkets in the baking aisle.

Sponsored post: I was sent some products to sample and review free of charge, however any opinions expressed are my own.