Wednesday 26 October 2011

Attack of the Veg Monster!!!

The lovely people at Innocent sent us a rather spooky looking parcel yesterday.

Once I unwrapped the black ribbon and peaked inside the orange box, we were confronted with our ghoulish make a hideous monster from innocent fruit and vegetables!

We spent a little time going through the contents and I'm happy to report that Ruby knew them all (she won't EAT them all, but that's another story).  Then she decided what would make the best body parts.  The comedy potato for example, was ear-marked as a warty nose, and the brussels sprouts were clearly ghastly green eyes.

Ruby took delight in stabbing the various components with toothpicks to attach limbs.  She had the inspired idea of using raisins for pupils and a slice of apple for the mouth, and so was born Mrs Bat - because of her pet bat obviously.

After a little coaxing, Ruby agreed that it would be a waste not to eat her, so after a few more poses for the camera, Mrs Bat met the casserole pot.

At dinner tonight, Daddy asked about our day.  Ruby gleefully told him we made a vegetable monster then cut  it up and cooked it.  "Oh wow, can I see it" he asked.  "Err we're EATING it!"

You can join in the spooky vegetable fun with Innocent too, and upload a photo to win prizes!  The first 1,000 entries will win a limited edition set of spooky glow in the dark number magnets. Use your letter magnets (which you've all been collecting free with your smoothies yes?) to come up with a name for your fruity freak.

Here's what you need to do:

1) Make your fruity freak or vegetable monster from the spookiest looking fruit or veg you can find.

2) Give it a name and use your innocent magnets to spell it out (how about 'Terry Able' or 'Aaaaaaaaaalan')

3) Take a picture of your spooky creation and post it in our scary Halloween gallery and email with your flickr name and a postal address.

4) The first 1,000 entries win a set of limited edition glow-in-the-dark Halloween 0-9 number magnets (the perfect addition to our alphabet set)

5) When you're done with your monster why not use any leftover veg to make a soup or whizz any fruit up into a smoothie?

Sponsored post: We were sent a vegetable box to participate and spread the word about this promotion.


  1. what a great idea, may be I can encourage mine to eat veg more with monster making!

  2. Ahh thanks. We did persuade her to try some aubergine but nothing would get her to try Brussels!

  3. Love it.. What a great monster! Bet it tasted good too :-)
    Kirsten x

  4. Oh I adore Mrs. Bat! I think Ruby's been very clever in her construction, but you are rather mean eating her afterwards!

  5. Oh my I LOVE your Mrs Bat! BRILLIANT! How very cool :-)

    Glad she got eaten too!