Friday 24 August 2012

Smart shoppers make their own!

This week I was invited by Smart Shoppers to a day of 'make do and mend' at Hackney City Farm.

Smart Shoppers are a Facebook community, sharing hints and tips on money saving and thriftiness - pop over and join them.

In the spirit of the day, the kids went off and had all kinds of fun creating artwork, painting and presenting each of us mums with a crafty flower made from spent tealights.  They also had face-painting and a tour of the farm - least that was after I managed to prise Ruby away from my side.

Meanwhile, us bloggers spent the day chatting and sharing thrifty tips, while having a workshop by the fabulous Homemade London.

My favourite make of the day was this sugar scrub.  So simple to make, gorgeous to use and made with store cupboard ingredients.  It would make a great gift, and as Ruby helped me to make it, I think we'll whip up a batch for thank you presents for her nursery staff.

In a screw top jar, add one teaspoon of brown sugar and one of white.  Stir then add some light olive oil, until you have a layer of oil floating above the sugar.  Stir in, then add 2 drops of ginger essential oil and 4 drops of lime essential oil. Stir.  Then repeat until your jar is full.

You can vary the ratio of the two essential oils; use different ones, or leave them out altogether, and also vary the sugars - white sugar is finer so better for sensitive skins.  If you want a more vigorous scrub, use more brown sugar.

This smells so fresh and zingy, and I've been using it the past few mornings before my shower.  It's very invigorating and the oils leave your skin super soft.

We concocted a delicious face-mask using specialist powdered clay, as used in the best spas.  To that we added fresh, natural ingredients - cream, strawberries, banana and honey.  We tested them out on the back of our hands/arms - I reckon because they didn't trust us not to lick our lips!

Finally we made these super simple bath sachets.

Mix a couple of spoonfuls of dried lavender with the same of porridge oats and pop in a little organza bag.  Drop into your warm bath water for a creamy, relaxing bath.

I've come away with my head buzzing with ideas of different combinations and I'm looking in my pantry with new eyes!

Thanks so much to Smart Shoppers for a fabulous day and to Hackney City Farm for a cool venue, and Homemade London for the brilliant workshop.

Disclosure: We attended the event and expenses were paid, however there was no obligation for me to write about our day.


  1. Oooh thanks for all of these. Looks like you had a great day. Look forward to "Making some of my own"!

    1. I thought of your little lavender sachets when we were making the oat ones! Funny, because your post had already inspired me to make camomile and oat ones.

  2. that sounds like so much fun! great ideas! x

    1. It was really good fun! You should try it, they're so easy but look really posh :0)

  3. Sounds fab. I'm always looking for new gift ideas that I can make. Made some bath bombs for my daughter's party bags yesterday. I was v pleased with how they came out. Think I might have to try the sugar scrub though. where do you get ginger and lime essential oils? Online?

    1. Hi Fleur. Bathbombs sound fab!!

      you can buy the oils online or in health food shops. You don't need to get the really high end, expensive ones for the scrub as you just wash it off pretty quickly anyway. x

  4. My oils arrived today. I am going to have a go at bath bombs too