Monday, 5 December 2011

On the radio

Did I mention I was on the radio this weekend?

No, actually I probably didn't.  So terrified was I of screwing up and humiliating myself that I tried not to let on.  The idea being, if it went well I could let people listen on iplayer, and if it didn't I'd keep my trap shut.

Well, guess what - it did go well. Considering.

Considering that speaking in public is one of my biggest phobias.  That I was freaking out I'd blurt out a tourettes style string of expletives and blasphemy.  That I was nervous one of my family would ring in and out me as a take-away lovin' fraud.  That I was in the same studio as amazing cooks and chefs who would make my pile-it-high food look like something from a pig's trough...

Bricking it

Nick Coffer (aka My Daddy Cooks) has been trying to get me to guest on his BBC 3 Counties Weekend Kitchen radio show for a while now.  I've always managed to slopey-shoulder it, but eventually his producer pinned me down, and Saturday was the day.

I had to produce a main and a dessert, so after much deliberation I decided to use up some of the marmalade I've been making and stock-piling, and came up with Sticky Spicy Pork Belly

and Orange Panettone Pudding.

You can download the free fact sheet with the recipes here.

and listen to the show here - but be quick it's only available until the end of the week.

Listen to James Perry talking about his amazingly perfect food

and Katie Khakpour-Smith from The Charming Cupcake Company explains how to make beautiful chocolate ganache at home to give as Christmas gifts.

My food seemed to go down fairly well.  Everyone's still alive as far as I can make out, and Nick cleared his plate.

Do try the pork belly recipe.  It's a great budget family dish (a £2.50 piece of pork belly feeds us three), and it's a lovely one to make when you're home all day and can enjoy the lovely aromas that fill the house.

What a great experience!  I loved it.  My poor old man got a ribbing about still not proposing after 8 1/2 years, and my mother-in-law was mortified that I'd told everyone I was wearing second-hand jeans, but apart from that I think everyone was proud of little old me.

Huge thanks to Nick and his producer Emma for having me along.  Thanks to James for his amazing food, and to Katie for her scrumptious choccies and master class, and good luck with her imminent arrival. x


  1. It was a real pleasure to have you in the studio! We thought you were a brilliant guest and I loved your pork, I really did... xx

  2. oh wow how exciting! Sounded great and your pork looks and sounds really scrumptious!
    Maria x

  3. Oh bless you, you do look nervous in that first photo, but glad it went well.
    p.s. It took my OH 15 YEARS to propose!

  4. I love your bricking it face but you had no need to be nervous, you sound really natural. Love the sound of your recipes (pantetone pudding is always good!).
    Had a nice little sing along to Ruby Tuesday too. Well done you radio star!!

  5. Exciting stuff, I have to agree with KatGotTheCream that your bricking it face is rather good!

    It all looks rather scrummy!