Thursday, 8 December 2011

Handmade Christmas - Plant Pot Bird Feeder

I thought it was about time I showed some tat-to-treasure posts, from some of my Magpie Monday hauls.

A couple of weeks back I picked up this lovely little stash of old terracotta tom pots for not very much money at all (as they're going to turn into gifts, I won't let on quite how tight I've been!).

The same day, I visited the Bedford Pop-Up shop which is showcasing and selling lovely wares from local artists and crafters.  I bought these gorgeous tags from Scarlett Rebecca and I knew somehow I wanted to marry the two together.

So, based on the old favourite 'yoghurt-pot-bird-feeder' which I'm sure you've all made in the past, I made these lovely upcycled beauties.  I hope they will be received as a thoughtful gift for someone who loves eco or vintage-style.

Here's what you need:

  • Vintage terracotta plant pots (you can buy modern ones in garden centres if you can't find old ones)
  • Bird seed
  • Strong string or twine
  • Beads or buttons larger than the drainage hole in the pot
  • Solid fat - vegetable, lard or dripping (from experience though, lard stinks, so better to use dripping or Pura)
If you're using recycled pots, first give them a quick wash and brush to remove any debris.

Loop and knot your string with a bead or button - it looks nice to have one inside the pot and one outside but bear in mind this will mean it won't stand upright, so may affect how you wrap the gift.

Ensure your hole is 'water-tight' whilst at the liquid fat stage by squashing some tin foil around it - there's nothing worse than liquid lard everywhere believe me!

Stand your pots upright in a cup or mug and fill with bird seed.  Melt the fat gently in a saucepan until liquid and pour over until it is filled.

Refrigerate until solid and then it is ready for the birds to enjoy.

I've wrapped mine as gifts with tissue paper, cellophane, coloured raffia and of course, Scarlett's lovely tags.  So much more grown up than a yoghurt pot I think, and the pot and be used to grow seedlings in come the spring!

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  1. Ahhh that's a fab idea. Love long the twitter birds ;)

  2. What a lovely make, I might just do one of these as I have hundreds of those little vintage terracotta pots in my shed, great idea for my OH's grandmother, she loves her garden and I'm sure she'd love one of these! x

  3. what a wonderful idea. One of my new years resolutions (yes I know we haven't even had christmas yet ) is to make more stuff. I have really enjoyed my little toe dipping into crafting and am inspired by your ideas.

    Lovely xx

  4. These are fab liz what a great upcycling craft.

  5. Yes I love them Liz! I'm going to have a go too. I bought some stuff from Scarlett Rebecca at the Pop Up shop too, some cute badges.

  6. Fantastic idea. They look lovely. That's another thing to look out for at carboot sales. Dying to know how much the little pots cost.

    Madison xxx

  7. A great idea, and I have all the 'ingredients', so that's another project for this week!

  8. Ah these are great, they look lovely (agree on the melted lard mess from past experience so good idea with the tin foil)