Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Me and my shopping are famous (a little bit!)

After being on the lovely Weekend Kitchen show with Nick Coffer the other week, I got a phone call from the producer of BBC 3 counties radio's breakfast show.  It seems I am getting a name for myself as a bit of a rent-a-gob!

Anyway, they wanted to run a piece this week about how the current economic climate is affecting families and if/how they are changing their shopping habits.

I agreed to meet the interviewer at my house on Monday and he did a quick recorded chat, and then walked down with my to my local supermarket to see me in action!

I can't begin to tell you how odd it was in my local shop, walking around with a young man shoving his dictaphone in my face.  I got some strange looks, and Lord knows what the staff thought - permission to record was sought beforehand so they knew we were coming!

The old man was a bit worried when I told him what I'd agreed to - he didn't want people thinking we were struggling!  I found this quite interesting - I mean, you don't have to be on the breadline to cut back or watch the pennies do you?  What do you think?

Equally, I was then worried and didn't want to come across as one of those infuriating "poor me, poor me we can't afford our second ski holiday this year and our Christmas hamper will have to be Waitrose not Fortnum and Masons".

Anyhow, here's the recording, there was loads more I wanted to/could have/forgot to say.

Click the picture to hear my 3 minutes of fame!

So I'm curious, have you changed your food shopping habits recently?  What are your tips to save money on your food bills?


  1. Hehe, I've justt said no to my local paper for the same reasons, I knew my OH woud hate the thought of it, and discussing any aspect of our finances.
    You did really well again! You won't be tweeting us soon, it will be your people doing it for you!!

  2. You're so brave!!!! That is all I have to say! LOL I'm having palpitations at the thought of it! haha.

  3. Love it Liz! I think I have gone in the other direction with my shopping - in that I think I tend to buy better quality now but less of it. Seems to last longer/fill me up more. I always laugh when I see the big slogan "Helping you spend less" as whenever I go to that large store I end up spending an absolute fortune! Since we've got the posh supermarket we now just nip down and buy what we want for a meal/few days and somehow the food bills seem to be going down. (Naming no names as I am not doing any free advertising for ANY supermarket - they make enough out of us!) xx