Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Make a Dancing Penguin

The world's gone penguin crazy!

There's Happy Feet, Club Penguin - hell even David Attenborough's getting in on the action.

So I thought it might be fun to make our own, and it the spirit of recycling, I'm basing it on the Easter Chick we made earlier in the year.  I was hoping Ruby wouldn't notice the glaring similarities, but she did. *note to self: must be a more creative and imaginative mummy.

You'll need:

Poster paints in black, white and orange (or use coloured card)
4 split pin paper clips
Googly eyes and small piece of orange felt or card (optional)

We cut out the pieces from a template I made onto card.  We used an old cereal box, but I think these would make nice Christmas cards, so next time we'll do it on 'good' card.

Feel free to click and print this template if you wish, or you'll need a circle for the head, 2 oval shapes for the body - one slightly smaller than the other, 2 feet and 2 wings.

Ruby then painted the shapes.

Once dry, assemble.  Glue the white chest and black head to the black body, then use the split pins to attach the wings and feet.  Add detail for the face, and your penguin is ready to boogie.

I did the cutting and making the holes for the pins, but Ruby managed the rest all by herself. I think she's made a great job of it!


  1. Too cute Liz! What a great job you did together, love it!!

  2. very effective for something that you have broken down into nice easy steps - thanks for this

  3. Oh my how utterly adorable! Love that your penguin dances!

    Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty.


  4. That is fabulous. My daughters would love to make a dancing penguin.

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