Monday, 12 December 2011

Magpie Monday - Gimme the Drugs!* which I mean Lemsip and Throaties.  Please also send chicken soup, hot water bottles and my new favourite tipple of choice - Port.

*not the hard stuff -don't do it kids it never ends well.

Yes, I'm laid up with flu - cue lots of ahhhs and sympathy.

This has however prompted my only thrifted purchase of the week... a new bathroom cabinet.

Since we left our cavernously huge cabinet behind when we moved house, our toiletries and stash of lotions, potions and ointments which rivals Boots the chemist has been variously stored in drawers and boxes around the house, so a new cabinet was very much on our to-do-list.

On Saturday we set off for a happy family outing to the DIY store (as you do), and happened to drive past a charity shop.  One of those 'proper' charity shops where the stock spills out onto the pavement.  And there stood a lovely mirrored, double door cabinet.

I made the old man pull up while I dragged my achey bones over to have a closer look.  It was clean, neat and tidy and only £6.50. It looked just the ticket to me.

I could see him sat in the car shaking his head in a rather annoying fashion (this is why I shop alone), so I left it.  When I got back in the car, he said it was clearly too small.

Oh yes, clearly. I mean you have a much better vantage parked the other side of the road, looking at it in your rear view mirror, than me, who is standing right next to it...

Anyway, off we continued to the DIY store.  They had lots of choice of cabinets, but they were all much of a muchness size-wise.  All pretty much like this.  The EXACT same cabinet at £61.50.

Well, guess what?  He decided that perhaps it was big enough after all so we went back to the charity shop to buy it.

We paid practically a tenth of the price, we re-used something that someone else no longer needed, and more importantly I scored a moral victory.

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  1. Great find and proves men should do as they're told and not argue as us women are ALWAYS right lol
    Have linked up just a small buy x

  2. So sorry to hear you've been poorly. But pleased to hear that you still managed to find a second hand bargain.

  3. Get well soon. Don't you just love proving men wrong!?! Humble pie for tea by any chance?

  4. Get well soon! When will men learn that women are usually right :))

  5. hope you feel better soon !
    I'm looking for a bathroom cupboard too, no rush tho, the husband has been decorating the bathroom for the last 4 weeks, not bad for an 8ft by 6ft room ! I want it a bit 'gothic'but it will probably just be 'mess'.
    Andria x

  6. seems like a wonderful buy to me. Brilliant. Make sure you give hubby your cold!

  7. Ha! We are always right, and continue to make good decisions even when suffering horribly. Good work!

  8. Great story and great result.
    I too am under the weather so held up a bit on the bargain hunting front but always manage something

  9. What a bargain. Are you going to leave it as is. Or do you need to change it for your colour scheme?

  10. Nice one Liz- show the old man how it's done! Hope you are feeling better now too? xx