Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thrillaxing with iExplore

Yesterday I had the most extraordinary day.

I was invited to the launch of new travel site iExplore and their new concept of 'thrillaxing' holidays.  How did they choose to share this news?  Well, they got a group of bloggers down to London, dressed us up in unfeasibley large yellow jackets, strapped us into lifejackets then popped us on a speedboat and sent us down the Thames!

Thrilling it certainly was!  We had an amazing time, seeing sights that you don't normally glimpse and literally blowing the cobwebs away.  I took a little video, but please bear in mind that a) it felt like a gale force wind b) I feared for the contents of Ruby's stomach and c) I'm a rubbish camerawoman.

Scream if you wanna go faster - we did, and they did!  Try tilting this photo so the skyline is horizontal and you'll get a better idea of the angle we were at!

It was exhilarating and hugely fun, but more than that, it illustrated the point of 'thrillaxing' trips perfectly.  Think about it (if you can remember that far back)...when was the last time you laid on the beach or sat by the pool and totally switched off?  Notwithstanding the fact that once littlies come along, that's nigh on impossible, for me sitting still and doing nothing only leaves my mind time to mull, stress and worry.

Far far better to have something totally absorbing to completely relax and refresh you.

iExplore's research backs this up.  75% of the people they asked said that keeping active abroad takes their minds off their day-to-day lives, with 80% of parents surveyed saying an active holiday banishes home-related worries.

So, whether you fancy a winter activity break building igloos and going on dog-sled rides, or a trip to Borneo to see orangutans, check out iExplore who will find your perfect holidays.  There are trips tailored to families with young children, teenagers and even single parents.

If you're smart, you'll also head over to their Facebook page and try and win yourself a £5,000 trip of a lifetime.

Oh. Did I mention we also had lunch with globe-trotting TV presenter totty Craig Doyle?

He said some stuff too, but to be perfectly honest I wasn't listening *swoon*.

Sponsored post: Many thanks to iExplore for allowing me to be a Bond girl for the day.

Any views or opinions expressed in this post are my own - apart from the swooning at Craig bit if my OH is reading.


  1. I want to go on one now! How thrilling x

  2. He is reading and very pleased to hear the swooning comment is purely for comedy effect :-) glad to see my girls had such fun x

  3. Oh, yes darling, purely poetic licence. But, if you could just put on an Irish accent for me when you get home...

  4. Sounds like a fantastic day- more of these please!

  5. Oh my God......
    sorry I lost myself for a minute there looking at Craig.

    Lucky beast.

  6. I'm hugely envious...phwoar.. I mean.. wow what an amazing trip! xx

  7. Looks fun. A day to remember.

  8. wow, that looks amazing. I do feel a bit queasy now, after trying to see the angle you were at. Ughh!

    ..and what eye candy too... mmm!

  9. Sounds fab! I went to Brighton for a day of sailing and powerboating on the South Coast. It was exhilarating! I can just imagine how much fun it is in the middle of London, dodging the river traffic there!

  10. Brilliant! I want to go again, although not as much as my boys. And you did spend rather a long time 'taking photos' on the terrace with Craig Doyle ;-) Loved the vid too, haven't watched mine back yet to see if any of it was even worth uploading!

    Great to catch up and today also. Take care of your lovely little 'un x