Monday, 14 November 2011

Magpie Monday - Some Crafty Buys

The happiness of buying from second-hand shops doesn't just come when you find something worthy of the Antiques Roadshow.

For me, I'm just as pleased when I find something useful, practical or something that's on my shopping list, and I can manage to save it from ending up in landfill.

Last weekend I went on another brilliant School of Craft workshop.  This time we were learning to make bunting.  Although we were taught how to make our own bias binding, well frankly if I can save the hassle and buy it, then I will!

I was stupid happy to find a stash of vintage binding in the first charity shop I went in.  They cost me 10p and 20p each - my haberdashery shop sells binding for 45p per metre so I didn't save a fortune, but at least these old school Wollies purchases will finally get used.

At the class, Jo showed us how to make super-cute tiny-tiny bunting from men's shirts.  I loved how something so masculine could be turned into something so pretty.

So far, I've resisted the urge to take a pair of scissors to the old man's work shirts and cut tiny triangles from them, but I have retrieved a couple of his old ones out of the charity bag!

I was on the look out for more to add to my stash, and managed to find 3 lovely ones on the sale rail in the Salvation Army shop - oh yes my friends, I'm not to proud to go through the reduced rails in charity shops!

Do I feel bad about hacking up Savile Row shirts? I do not.  They have already had a life with their first owner.  Then, they've been sitting on the rail in the charity shop for a fortnight waiting for someone with the neck size of a heavy-weight boxer to come along and buy them.  Finally, they were left languishing, forlornly on the pound rail, until I rescued them!

I picked up a woolly pully for £2 which I've already boiled the hell out of in the washing machine ready to turn into some Christmas Stockings using Red Ted's tutorial. It's only Florence & Fred, but its such a pretty colour and has a pleasingly Christmassy sparkle to it.  It didn't shrink hugely (perhaps because it was only 80% pure wool), but it does have that nice, thick felted feel to it now.  Hopefully I'll be showing you my stockings in a future blog post (wink wink).

I also managed to grab a bundle of crocheted granny blankets for £3 each.  I have crafty plans for these too...

A rummage through the odds n' sods box looking for more bias binding, brought up these beauties which will go in my Christmas craft stash.  Some silver metallic thread - maybe I can get it to take on my machine and run up a Kirstie Allsop-esque stitched paper Christmas card?

There was also a huge roll of this red and white, sold by the metre for 50p.  First of all I thought it would be great for Christmas wrapping - like baker's twine, but on closer inspection I realised it was actually elastic!  I'm not entirely sure what I'll use it for, but I'm sure something will come up. I resisted the urge to ask 'how much for the whole lot?' - least til I figure out what I can use it for!

And finally, something for myself and Ruby to do together.  Two packs of air drying clay for £2 each and a dinky little vintage wooden rolling pin for a quid.  Once I find my Angel Gabriel cookie cutter, the Christmas tree will be decorated in no time!

So, what have you been unearthing?  I'd love for you to grab the badge and link up.  I shan't be around much today, so if you could tweet #MagpieMonday a bit for me that would be fab.  Promise to catch up on all the posts this evening - I know you won't disappoint. x

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  1. What fab finds! You're always so clever at giving things a second life! :)@goriami

  2. Some great things there Liz, love the idea of the bunting from shirts, that's so Nifty thrifty!

  3. I want your magpie finding skills! Whenever I look in a charity shop it's full of moth ball smelling tweed skirts and scary looking dolls.

    I must try harder!

  4. Yay for the woolly pully! I still need *one more*.....

    Thanks for the mention!


  5. I made some bunting from lots of old clothes, perhaps I should blog mine too, love using old things to make something new, great make!

    V jeal of the haberdashery items you snagged. x

  6. Grt finds look foward to seeing your bunting made from the shirts :)

  7. Very inspiring post - you have me itching to do some crafting.

    I've also seen men's shirts made into lovely quilts (see for example the blue quilts on the Worn & Washed website )

  8. Great haberdashery finds - I've yet to find anything like that in a charity shop, but have found some great haberdashery buys whilst carbooting. I made KL some bunting for her birthday in August- amongst the fabrics were the legs of her sister's old cotton pyjamas and her grandma's old gingham kitchen curtains!

  9. wow! I want your charity shop! I used to pay a fortune for air drying clay when I was doing my A-Levels!

    Loving the woolies price tags! Oh the memories hehe!

    Looks like you'll be very busy craft wise! Fab stuff!

  10. You found loads of great stuff! Love the idea of cutting up old work shirts for bunting too - my hubby's work is now permanently dress down so he wouldn't even notice.....

  11. The work shirt bunting made with old shirts wonderful idea. ❤

  12. i love buying granny blankets, can't wait to see what you do with them!

  13. Liz I'm going to have to go shopping with you one of these days! You are sniffing out some right finds! thanks for the mention x

  14. You creative crafty genius - look forward to seeing your various projects come to life. I love bunting and keep thinking about going to a local shop in town that do courses on how to do it and other crafts but then go and bottle it in my usual way. Will link up later today

  15. DID find some great craft buys!!! Love the bunting!!! Very thrifty!!!

  16. Some really good buys there Lizzie, now I want to go to a thrift shop!

  17. I'm so envious of your charity shops having an odds & sods box/drawer. Out of the 6 (just had to count) in town, NONE have got bits & bats, the nearest with an oddments box that I know of is Caerphilly, and I've got 20+ shops between me & there! Pah on my local shops. Pah.