Friday, 25 November 2011

Sylvanian Families have sucked us in!

A lovely PR lady contacted me to see if we'd like to review some of the best selling ranges of Sylvanian Families sets of the year.

Launched in 1985 these little critters passed my by as a child so I wasn't entirely sure what we were letting ourselves in for.

A very clever piece of PR has taken myself and Ruby by the hand and sucked us into a vortex, where we spend our days happily skipping around Sylvania pretending to be little fuzzy mammals, dressing up and playing house.  I'm not sure there's any escape.

We were sent the motorcycle and sidecar, complete with George and Mildred raccoon who go on lovely raccoon OAP day-trips. George wears his vintage helmet and goggles, while Mildred wraps up under her shawl, giving directions to George, who presumably is too stuck in his ways to invest in a sat-nav.

Sylvanian Families Motorbike and Side Car

The biggest thing to happen in (the real world) 2011 was of course the Royal Wedding, so it's no surprise that  the Wedding Celebration Set did very well.  The whole party is here including bridesmaids and pageboys, all ready for a Sylvanian wedding breakfast.

I loved the fact that the press release suggested using William and Catherine Balmoral bunnies as wedding cake toppers.  If I do ever manage to persuade Ruby's Daddy to tie the knot, I suspect she'd like nothing more than a Sylvanian themed wedding.  We'd hold it in the Regency Hotel, and she'd presumably have me and Grandad arriving on the motorcycle and sidecar.  I do fear however, that this would have Daddy running for the hills...

It is very easy to lose yourself in the world of Sylvanian Families.  The attention to detail on all the figures and accessories is incredible and the play sets literally cover every aspect of life in Sylvania you could possibly imagine.

Check out Flair Plc's website for more inspiration. Also available from major toy retailers.

Now, if you'll excuse me, George is taking me for a day trip on the bike so I must away...

Sponsored post: We were sent the two sets to sample free of charge, however all views expressed are my own and I expect to see Flair Plc's profits soar if Ruby's Christmas list is anything to go by.


  1. Interested that you flag this up as a Sponsored post...if the views are your own then I'd say it was a review. You've been very transparent about the PR sending you the toys - but to me at least a sponsored post implies that you were paid as well - which I'm guessing you were not? Just a thought x

  2. Hi Not a Notting Hill Mum.

    Grr, Blogger's playing sillies again and won't let me sign in, but tis me!

    It's interesting to hear your feedback on this point. I always end my posts (unless they're my own ramblings) with "Sponsored Post: ..." and then state what I received in return for my time. So, on some posts you'll see that I was paid a fee, some I got my expenses covered and lunch, some I got a free sample product etc.

    I hope I'm clear, but I guess we interpret the word 'sponsored' differently. Thanks for your views though, I appreciate it and will always change if people think I'm not being clear. x

    Missie Lizzie

  3. I love Sylvania too, it's the one toy my daughter will play with for hours. The caravan is great fun and every child who comes to visit loves it too. I love it too,def has adult appeal, unlike some toys I could mention!

  4. God, don't: SF have been a hit for a while in this house. The problem is that their favourite activity is to undress them, leaving me to put all the teeny tiny clothes with my oversized fingers. Gah.

  5. These are really cute toys and I would have them around even if there are no small children here.
    I laughed when you mentioned the wedding aspect. When LIVE tv show recently announced they were giving away a Hawaiian wedding I mentioned to someone that maybe I would be willing to tie that proverbial knot if I could go to Hawaii.

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