Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Angel Wings Pillowcase Pyjamas

I've recently become quite addicted to following Domestic Goddesque's pillowcase PJ tutorial, making PJ trousers out of old pillowcase - go check it out, it's fabulously easy and you can knock up a pair of pj trousers for your little one in about half an hour - 1 hour.

I do a lot of charity shop buying, so it's great to finally have another use for all the pretty, but lonely single pillowcases I've accumulated ( there's also Domestic Goddesque's pillowcase skirt tutorial, and a dress tutorial on Red Ted Art).  

After making the pyjama trousers. I've been using some of the leftover fabric to applique onto a plain T Shirt to make a co-ordinating top. But this time, I wanted to do something a little bit different, so I came up with the angel wings PJs.

Perhaps a little pair of horns and a trident would be more appropriate, but I'm hoping some of the angelic vibe will rub off on Ruby - particularly at bedtime!

First, make your trousers as per the tutorial linked above.

You should be left with a piece of fabric which looks something like this:

I'm very tight frugal with my fabric, and try to get as much out of it as possible.  Draw a basic angel wing template on paper (keep it simple as you'll be machine zig-zagging around it!).

Choose a plain T Shirt, that's a good fit for your child, to turn into your PJ top.  Judge the size of your wings by placing your paper template against the shoulder/back area of the T Shirt.

Next, you'll need some Bondaweb.  This can be bought quite reasonably by the 1/4 metre from haberdashery stores.  Transfer your design onto the smooth, paper side of the Bondaweb. Flip the template over so you have a 2nd wing in reverse.

Roughly cut out each shape leaving a cm or two all the way around.  Place your shape with your drawing side uppermost, onto the WRONG side of your fabric.  Hold a hot iron onto the paper for about 20 seconds, until it has fully bonded.

Now cut out accurately around the outline.  Peel off the paper backing and place onto your T Shirt (remember, these are wings, so you're ironing these on the back of the T Shirt!).

When you're happy with the positioning, again press with a hot iron for 20 seconds or so until the fabric is fully adhered to the T Shirt.

Set your sewing machine to a short, close zig-zag setting and stitch all the way around the outline.  Once that is complete, you can go back and add detail.

That leftover piece of fabric was bugging me, and looking at it I thought it would make a perfect pyjama case.

Now Ruby has a pair of angel wing PJs and their own little pouch, perfect for overnight stays! And if you decide to make these as a gift, they'll be ready wrapped!

I think these would look so pretty made from a crisp, white cotton pillowcase, with a bright contrasting stitch to applique the wings on.  What do you think?

Pop over to Red Ted Art to see more Angel craftiness!


  1. Absolutely brilliant: and I love the pouch to put them in: you are very clever!!

  2. Fantastic! What a brilliant idea.

  3. They are looking great Liz! You are the queen of thriftyness. I love the pouch idea.

  4. I'm going to have to adopt someone's child just so I can try making these!!
    Kirsten x

  5. Amazing! What a great idea, you've really got nifty with the sewing machine recently x

  6. Lovely! I shall be on the look out for pretty pillowcases in the chazza shops from now on. x

  7. Brilliant! I also have a stash of odd pillowcases collected from the charity shop!

  8. Making this this afternoon!