Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Get your craft on and win with BIC® Kids

We were sent some cool BIC® Kids products to try, including pens; felt tips, crayons; pencils and a drywipe board.  Ruby loves to draw and colour, and I particularly appreciated some of the innovative design features - like felt tips which don't dry out even if you leave the lids off, and ergonomically designed crayons for little hands.

We love to spend time 'crafting' and it's wonderful to see Ruby developing her creative side. I guarantee now, when we're out and about, she will pick something up (a feather; a pebble; some leaves or a stick) and say " Mummy, we could make *such and such* out of this". She's even started keeping wrappers and empty packets, seeing the potential in turning them into something else - that's my girl!

Research commissioned by BIC® Kids has shown that more than a third (34 per cent) of British parents believe electronic gaming is having a negative impact on child creativity, followed by concern over what their what friends think (28 per cent). 

The research also revealed that in today’s hectic lifestyle, parents can find it hard to find time doing activities with their children – one of the simplest ways to inspire creativity. From the 2,000 parents surveyed, just 10 per cent spend time each day doing creative activities with their children. Under a third of parents (28 per cent) set time aside to be creative once a week, with two per cent of parents admitting to never doing this.

Angela Anning, Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of Leeds, who is working with BIC® Kids said, “... the ability for creativity to fire the imagination and boost their development can’t be underestimated. Creativity, even the simple pleasures if drawing and colouring, instills confidence and helps develop a sense and understanding of our surroundings. It also plays a central part in many careers, so encouraging children to get creative while they’re young will put them in good stead for their future.”

Angela Anning offers parents her top five tips to boost kids’ creativity:

  1. Be interested in your children's creativity and join in on the playfulness
  2. Create the time and space for children to be creative - at the kitchen table, in front of the tv, in the bath...wherever.
  3. Vary the resources your children have to play creatively according to their ages – paint, felt tips, puppets, small figures, boxes, fabrics, wooden spoons, etc.
  4. Tune into your children's individual stories and interests and talk about them - animals, monsters, fairies, engines, cars, etc.
  5. Have fun together exploring music, dancing, painting, drawing, stories and playing.

In an effort to encourage kids to be more creative, I'm running an art competition to win a set of BIC® Kids art materials.

I'd like you to send in your child's artwork, with the theme "Autumn".  This can be anything they put their mind to - maybe a leaf collage, or a wax crayon drawing of fireworks on bonfire night, even a model or sculpture.

I'm really honoured that the fabulous Maggy from Red Ted Art is going to be judging this contest for me - she might regret offering when she sees all your beautiful creations!  If you're stuck for inspiration, head over to her incredible blog for great ideas on kid's craft.  A huge thanks to Maggy for helping me with this. x

There will be 3 winners - one chosen at random, and one judged from each of the age categories - 3* - 6 years, and 7 - 12 year olds.

*The prizes are not recommended for use by children aged under 3, hence the age restriction.

To enter: please email me your artwork to: missielizzieandmyshadow @ including your name and contact details, your child's name and age.

All entries will be uploaded to a gallery here on the blog (personal details will not be shared, only the child's first name or initials and their age).

The prize: Each winner will receive a BIC® Kids goody bag, comprising of a Velleda Dry Erase Board; pack of 12 Visa non-drying felt pens; pack of 12 Plastidecor extra clean crayons; pack of 12 Plastidecor Triangle easy grip extra clean crayons;  pack of 12 Evolution extra stong pencils; pack of 12 Evolution extra strong easy grip crayons.

Please note, not all items are suitable for all age groups.

The closing date will be 5pm on Sunday 20th November 2011.  UK entries only please.  Each child may enter only once.

Please use the share buttons below to tell your friends on Twitter or Facebook about this contest. x

Sponsored post: We were sent some sample products free of charge and the prizes are supplied by Bic Kids.


  1. Hooray! I can't wait to see what people come up with :-) thanks for getting me involved!


  2. great, my 4 love being creative especialy the girls, their forever drawing pictures :)

  3. OOh I have sent an email over, containing two pictures, a winter scene (from our nature walk) and his candle holder, along side out autumn project - were growing a tree from an acorn! wow. xx Following via gfc. Good luck everyone.

  4. Aww I wish this was open for under 3's Maxx loves crafts he's 2 and a half.