Monday 6 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Tea for Two

I'm still trying hard to stick to my 'handbag' rule - ie only buying small things before our imminent house move, but it's tough letting great stuff pass me by!

We spent yet another weekend clearing our loft and despite 3 trips to the charity shop I'm still not sure we're making in-roads.  All this time spent holed up in the rafters has also considerably impacted on my available bargain-hunting time, but I've still managed to score a few goodies.

I spotted these plates in a stack on the shelf of the Salvation Army shop and leapt on them thinking they were Emma Bridgewater.  Frankly it's time I started earning a few pennies on eBay again and I thought they'd re-sell well.

They were marked up at 25p each, but I was surprised to find they are not Emma Bridgewater.  I ask you, do they or do they not look like the Polka Heart design:

Emma Bridgewater Polka Hearts Large Teapot
Emma Bridgewater Polka Hearts Teapot

Anyhow, I think they're cute and they'd make great tea plates for me and Ruby.

I've looked up the backstamp of Moorland, Chelsea Works Burslem and am still none the wiser.  The company has been going for a long time and there's a few bits of Clarice Cliff on eBay with this stamp, but they seem to be modern licensed new products.  So, which came first...?

Next up, remember my lucky dip box I got at auction a couple of weeks back?  I said there was a Tala icing set amongst the items and I planned to eBay that too.  Well, after chiseling off the old icing (yuck!) and thoroughly sterilising it in the dishwasher, it's come out gleaming.  If I can get over the fact that it looks vaguely surgical, I actually quite like it.  I'm going to try it out on a few cupcakes this afternoon with Ruby, and if I like the results then this will be staying too!

What shall I put my cupcakes on I hear you ask.  Well as luck would have it I won this amazing cakestand this week from Rebecca Bakes Cakes.  Isn't it the cleverest bit of upcycling you've ever seen?  Huge thanks to Rebecca.

Picture credit

I'm not very good at the re-selling lark am I? I think the trick for me would have to be to buy things I don't like, then there's no risk of wanting to keep them.

Just a quick cautionary tale before I go.  If you are looking for a second-hand bargain, or to turn a quick buck on eBay, don't believe everything you read in charity shops.  I spotted these in the window and nearly fell over laughing.

Described as 'original set from the 60's' these are Nigella Lawson storage jars, no more than 10 years old maximum! I guess £9.50 for the set is still a bargain, but vintage they ain't!

Caveat emptor folks.

So, what treasures have you been finding? I'd love you to grab the badge and link up below.  Please put a link back to this post if you're joining the blog-hop that way your readers can find all the other entries - that's only fair isn't it? x

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  1. Oh Wow...How cool is that cake stand! I love it! Love the icing set too...fab! x

  2. Oh great goodies again! I love love the cake stand. I have those nigella storage jars, if I remember right they were quite expensive, I would have had those :0)

    I love Magpie Monday, sorry not been able to join in recently. I'm trying to declutter too! But hope to join in again soon x

  3. Thank both. The cake stand is great isn't it? I was very lucky to win. Take a look over at Rebecca's blog, it's really lovely.

    Amanda, yes I've got these jars too! You can still buy them and they're about £15 each so I guess it was a good deal. But these were absolutely minging! Really filthy, and I was just astounded that they described them with such authority as original sixties! x

    @missielizzieb Oh I still can't comment on my own blog!!

  4. Lol at the Nigella jars!!

    Love that Tala set - would snap that up if I ever spotted it in a charity shop! As for the 'not Emma Bridgewater' plates, they really are VERY similar aren't they? But very pretty :)

  5. Love those plates so cute and that cake stand is fab :)
    Im on a spending ban at the mo so will prob be a while before i join in magpie monday again as gotta save like mad for our hols :(
    @missdaisy32 << still cant post with my blog name its driving me mad think i might try setting up a new blog!

  6. I have some treasures on my blog you must come see one day.I too find it hard tp part with things,Gave ebay a whirl after a long time away and feel sad that one of my outfits sold lol but dont like the ebay fees so am not in front boo
    Those heart plates are cute and I love those recpord stands I must go make some too.

  7. Fabulous heart plate - lovely! x

  8. I love the plate. Can't wait for the day we can use decent china rather than melamine!

  9. A new expression for me. "Absolutely minging."

    I don't care who the maker is, your heart dots plates make one smile, you can't help it! Nice bit of advice for ebay sellers - buy only what you don't want to keep yourself. I can't even stick with the old things out before new ones come in rule.

  10. I feel your loft-clearing pain, if it's not needed in our house we shove it in the loft until we decide what to do with it. Love the plates and the icing set. That cake stand is fab too, congrats on your win. X

  11. I have encouraged Caroline at to get involved this week. Will do my entry this afternoon.
    Your finds are officially sickening in their wonderfulness

  12. The heart plates are so cute even though they are not what you expected...also love the original!!!

  13. Very original cake stand. Lovely plates and it does look exactly like EB.

  14. Laughing at your 'original 60's' Nigella find! We have a charity shop near us that checks it's prices against similar items being sold on eBay -needless to say it leaves them with some massively over priced tat!

    Love your cake stand too, I have a friend who makes them, and vinyl plates and bowls too. So cool!

  15. Not only naughty but you know all the Latin terms too lol! Love everything, I too would like to do the reselling thing but get too distracted by my own wants and needs.
    Your icing set is superb and well done for the commitment to cleaning it up

  16. Madison, I'm so sorry but Blogger's still playing up and I can't comment on your post. I love your napkins and knife and wanted to say I've never managed to make it to Hitchin antiques market - mainly because I never know what day it's on! I do now so thanks!


  17. The heart plates are gorgeous. I've resisted buying homewear so far, but I've got to admit, if I'd seen them, we'd be eating off them tonight. (cold pizza, but even so)

    I've made the most of my computer spitting all its cookies out to change my name on the list this week, going by my blog handle rather than real name now, fits in better with everyone else. I'd just been lazy.

  18. That icing set is GORGEOUS! Oh the happy baking you'll do just to decorate! :)

  19. The cake stand is truely scrumptious! I am envious - lucky you!

    The polka dot hearts plates are cute too! Will you be having a tea party for us all?

  20. Finally back at a PC! Just wanted to say i love the heart plate! Would have put money on it being Emma Bridgewater. Great for your little 'un. Had to laugh re the 'vintage' Nigella - well God loves a tryer eh?
    Thanks for sorting out all my technical 'itches for me xx

  21. The plate looks exactly like Emma Bridgewater's design - almost identical! I too love the cake stand - very cool! Bx

  22. Oh my word! What lovely finds!! I adore your cake stand, what a fabulous idea!

  23. Look at that tea pot! CUTE!