Thursday 23 June 2011

Handmade Thursday - Ribbon Rag Heart Wreath

Yet again I've been inspired by the crafty loveliness over on Red Ted Art's blog.  This time it was a beautiful guest post by Mary Poppins Home Sweet Home showing how to make rag heart wreaths.

You all know how I like making heart-shaped things - it's one of the few shapes I can actually draw/mould/bend/cut out, so I was definitely having a go at this!

In addition, yesterday I received a very timely parcel from Kleenex, containing my hayfever survival kit (thank you very much Kleenex!).  It was beautifully wrapped, and finished with a zesty lime green ribbon.  Now, I always stash away ribbons and re-use them, but for the life of my I couldn't think when it would be appropriate to use a tissue branded ribbon again.  Instead, I chopped it into strips, used some other green ribbons from my hoard, and added some felt too for added interest.

I cut them with pinking shears - I'd love to say this was a deliberate ploy to give the heart a shabby chic feel, but if I'm perfectly honest it was because I could lay my hands on my pinking shears, but couldn't find a regular pair of scissors.  Does that make me a proper crafty person?! Or just disorganised?

The lovely tutorial here suggests using scraps of fabric, and I'm certainly going to make more of these - perhaps Christmassy themed fabrics on a circular wreath for my front door this year.  But I do have to say, using ribbons certainly speeded up the process as you don't have to cut to width (just to required length). And I'm all for cutting corners!

Linking up to White Lily Green's Handmade Thursday - pop over to see what others have been making.

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  1. I had the same lovely package from Kleenex, and thought exactly the same thing!!!!
    It's really lovely.... hurrah, RedTed and Mary Poppins!
    Gorgeous, such a lovely colour!

  2. Pinking shears most definitely make you a very professional crafter indeed! I once made a xmas wreath out of pieces of white plastic bag when I was about 12 (yes i really was THAT bored). But now I'm thinking it's the way forward!!

  3. Yay, looks adorable!! Well done you, can see one on every door in your home ;0) Thanks for the mention too :0) xx

  4. Oh my! What a clever bit of recycling and it looks FABTASTIC! Am so impressed!!!

    M x

  5. Aww how cool!! Yep pinking shears = crafter. I broke mine... which says it all really lol!

    Very very clever. Well done!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  6. Pinking shears are great, love mine. Something childishly satisfying about zigzags. Very nice heart but who wouldn't want a gift tied with kleenex branded ribbon?!

  7. very nice I must give that a go