Thursday, 9 June 2011

Handmade Thursday - Child's Felt Bag

At Easter, my niece had a gorgeous little bag which had held chocolate goodies from a supermarket.  I thought it was so cute and looked fairly straightforward, that I set about tracing around it so I could reproduce my own.

Since then, I've been busy tracking down extra thick felt, and after finally finding some in colours I liked, I discover I've lost the drawing! 

Convinced that this project would be confined to the 'never get done' pile, I forgot all about it.  Until, this weekend at a boot sale I spotted a very similar bag.  From a different supermarket and for a different festivity, but essentially the same bag.  I snapped it up for 20p.  The stall holder was somewhat surprised - I don't think she was expecting to sell it in June!

I then cannibalised the bag, took it to pieces and traced around them to make templates.  These were pinned to my felt and cut. 

Then I made my little owl as decoration, with two big button eyes, and attached that.

Finally, the sides were stitched up by hand with cross stitches (it's much too thick for my machine to cope with!). The base was glued in with my glue gun.

Now Ruby has a new bag for all her essentials!  It's not perfect, but it's handmade.  I like that phrase, I think it shall become my new motto.

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  1. It looks fab, well done - such a great idea. Scarlett x

  2. wow, what a fab idea! I love this! Thanks for linking up hun X

  3. cute bag :)

  4. What a fab little project! Love it, there are so many great things to make and so little time :(

  5. I love the bag, perfect for little ones and gift bags. The little owl would go down well here too :)

  6. It is perfect Liz! love it, and lucky Ruby x

  7. I’ve been seeing owls lately! I wonder what’s with the owls. The way you narrated how you made this felt bag sounds so easy, but still, I don’t think I can make one by myself. Anyway, those bags are so wonderful! Keep making more felt bags!