Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lawnmower Girl

I was recently sent a Bosch Toy Lawnmower from 4 Little Tots to review.  I have to say, I am usually a little nervous about toys for Ruby to review - toddlers can be so picky and change like the wind and there's always the worry that she might hate something and refuse to play with it.

It arrived in the monsoon season (I exaggerate slightly, but only slightly), so I hid it in the shed and waited for the rain to hold off.  I thought it would be ideal for when Daddy mows the lawn - she could go out and get under his feet help him.

Daddy decided to make a big deal about her 'new surprise toy' and told her to wait with her eyes closed while he got it out (meanwhile of course I'm silently thinking, don't build it up too much, she might be expecting something else...).

Well, what can I say?  The look on her face says it all I think.

She was literally thrilled with it.  She teared up and down the garden pretend mowing for ages.  Great exercise methinks.

It never ceases to amuse me how much fun littlies seem to get out of replica household appliances. Long may their innocence continue I say.  They'll find out soon enough that pushing a real lawnmower/vacuum/iron back and forth is actually not all that fun!

It is safe to say that she absolutely loved her lawnmower.  It's great quality, light and easy for her to manoeuvre - even in our overgrown jungle.  I think it's an absolute bargain at £11.95.

The 4 Little Tots website is full of great toys and essentials for little people.  A dream to navigate, it's sectioned into Eat; Sleep; Play; Bath; Travel and Tidy.  There are helpful sub-sections which make it really easy to find what you're looking for. Simple.

Take a look at their site, and why not give them a follow on Twitter.

Disclosure: Sponsored post.  I was sent the Bosch Toy Lawnmower free of charge to review for 4 Little Tots.  However, my views are honest, accurate and unbiased - you can't fake those photos!  Thank you 4 Little Tots. x


  1. So cute! Hope it cuts the grass too

  2. I love the look on her face :)

  3. Ahh thanks. She really, really loved it. So funny to watch.

    Sadly Maria it doesn't cut the grass!! Shame - damn you health and safety issues :0)