Monday, 9 May 2011

Magpie Monday - My heart wasn't in it

As most of you on Twitter know, I've not been too well this week.  I'm feeling much better than I did, but still quite stressed out waiting for a hospital appointment for a scan of a breast lump they managed to find - totally unconnected to the chest pains I was admitted for, and just my luck that I should go in with one problem and come out with another!

Anyway, my mind was elsewhere and this weekend I missed some bargainous events which I'm really annoyed about now.  On Friday there was an evening jumble sale at a village not far from here. We've been before and it's always been a great source of vintage fabrics, linen and silk scarves. I'd been looking forward to it, but when it came to it I just couldn't muster the energy.

On Saturday morning there was the monthly nearly new sale at the local hospice - again this usually proves very fruitful, but the old man left me in bed to sleep and I missed it!

Sunday is car boot day, but Sunday morning we were viewing a house so I missed most of them.  We did make it to the afternoon one, and I squeezed in a charity shop on Saturday afternoon so all was not lost.  And anyway, bargain-hunting is my way of relaxing, so it's good for me - right?

At the charity shop I found several wrap-around skirts. They were all stunning, handmade in Thailand and one size fits all!  Oddly, my favourite which was richly coloured with turquoise, pink and gold was marked up at £3.50 rather than £4.50 like all the others - don't you just love inconsistent charity shop pricing?

I also had a good old rummage through a tub of old sunglasses.  There were lots of great vintage over-sized sunnies in all different colours, and I tried lots on but most didn't suit.  I settled for a tortoise shell coloured pair in the end, which gives a funny orange glow to the world.  They were £2! So for a little over a fiver I'm set for summer.

At the car boot I got a stash of old doilies which will be made into bowls - possibly to sell if I can make them well enough.  They're going through the wash so I can't show you them now.

I picked out a few old spoons for another craft project.  Two of them are EPNS and are well worn, but this one has no marks on at all.  It was very black and a good rub with my silver cloth has brought it up gleaming.  Could it be solid silver?  I think I'll keep it to use, it's so dinky I love it.  Look how tiny it is compared with a normal teaspoon.

In the same box I found this odd little mother of pearl fork-type thing.  Again, it's small but it is so beautiful. I have no idea what it is - any ideas? It can't possibly be a fork can it? If it is I shall be eating my pickled onions from now on in quite the most glamorous way.

Finally, again from the same stall I spotted these metal buttons.  There's only 3 so I doubt I can use them for clothing, but they'll be great for a craft project.  These were also pretty black, and again cleaned up with a silver polishing cloth.  Pretty huh?

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  1. I have been thinking about you since you tweeted your illness Liz and am keeping everything crossed for you. I can't imagine how stressful it must be. Massive hugs sweetie xx
    I love the colour and pattern on the skirt and you can't beat wrap skirts, always room for movement.
    I think the little fork could be for seafood (getting out of shells etc) not sure but have seen similar in the past.

  2. what lovely finds, I love that skirt, it's really beautiful... contains a lot of fabric too that can be recycled into other things if you ever get fed up. :)

    sorry to hear you have been unwell, hope you will soon be feeling better.

  3. Bargain! Love those sun glasses - just what I'm on the hunt for - unfortunately the charity shops on my high street sell them more around the £10 so may as well get 2 pairs new...

  4. I love the skirt & sunglasses, well done!

    I really ought to visit my local charity shops more often!

  5. Hi Liz,
    Totally understandable about your 'heart not in it' this week. Wht a rough week for you, I hope everything is sorted out for your soon.
    I love buttons, so your 3 metal ones, stood out to me instantly!
    Becky x

  6. Awww liz you've had a heck of a week sending lots of hugs to you and try not to stress too much im sure all will be ok x x

    Lovely finds that skirt is v pretty :)

    Well i went for a mooch on weds but didnt find 1 thing that caught my eye :( there were loadsa car boots this weekend but ive not felt like trawling around so gave them a miss ...... wish i had gone now but ah well plenty on other weeks lol
    Ive a wishlist of things i need to find so fingers crossed i can tick at least 1 off this week ..... desperate to find a nice glass jug for pimms o clock hehe "hic"

  7. Hi, this is my first link even though I have been reading your blog and following you on facebook. Sorry to hear youve had a rough week and hope all is well soon.

  8. Hi Liz, sorry to hear about your health worries (I've not been on Twitter much this week), sending you all my best wishes and hopefully it will be nothing serious - I had a lump for years which was benign, but very worrying at the time, had mammogram etc.

    You got some lovely things despite not having much time to hunt - the fork is very cute, and I love are your sunnies and skirt.


  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Lizzie and sending you loads of positive energy. Thinking of you.

    Love the skirt and sunglasses...gorgeous x

  10. Sorry to hear you've not been well!

    Charity shop shopping always cheers me up too and you always find such fantastic things. Loving that pearly fork!

  11. Poor thing: makes my crappy week look like a breeze. I bet you look fabulous in that skirt!

  12. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly. Such scares! I hope some thrifting helped you relax. I was thinking your tiny fork was either for grabbing olives or onions from the bottle or for scaping shellfish.
    I am still having computer woes so posting is slow and I need to focus on visiting others posts.

    Wishing you better days soon.

  13. Lovely little finds and still keeping with the handbag rule. My fave is the skirt along with the mother of pearl fork, gorgeous!

  14. What a rotten week. Fingers crossed everything is fine x

  15. so sorry to hear of your troubles and you so don't deserve any bad stuff so hope all is well. Limited bargain hunting but you have a good eye so still did great finds. I love the skirt, beautiful and the little forky thing is adorable. Those buttons are great too. Hoping to link up later as have visitors and various other stuff on today. But main message is sending good vibes your way

  16. Lovely bits and bobs, Lizzie - particularly love the sunglasses. Do hope you're feeling better soon xx

  17. Also sending you well wishes for your situation. I had my own first mammo this week (a routine for a strong family history of aggressive BC) and they found a lump so I can relate in my own way.

    Hopefully a benign thing for you and me both (the higher percentage of cases) and that thrifting cheered you up a bit!

  18. Oh gosh Gina, so sorry to hear that. My fingers are firmly crossed for us both. hope it turns out to be nothing xx

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments x

  19. wow, I love the sunnies!!! I really hope you feel better soon Liz, and that the hospital results are all good. To you too, Gina ((hugs)) for you both!

  20. Love the skirt and the buttons. Not a bad little collection for a not so good week. x

  21. I've been totally out of sync with Magpie Monday for ages but I'd thought I'd link up with a few of my recent finds. Soz for being rubbish.

    Really feel for you at the moment Liz, you've got a lot going on. Well done on soldiering on into the charity shops (hopefully done you the world of good).

    Looking forward to seeing more doilie bowls - they are brilliant!

  22. I love your pickled onion fork ;-)

  23. I love that little pearlized fork, too. So cute!!! Hope you'll feel better, soon!!!

  24. Lovely finds considering you're mind has been elsewhere. Hope you are feeling better and good luck with your hospital appointment, I'm sure you'll be fine x

  25. I understand some of what you're going through having experienced something similar myself. Good luck with it all.

    As for all those lovely little finds, how fab! I love finding things I can turn into stuff. Looking forward to seeing the doily bowls.


  26. I have linked up and am looking forward to some me time to go through the other entries this week for Magpie Monday.