Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wipe out Waste with Johnson's Baby

Since becoming a mum, I've become even more concerned about the environment and about what state the planet will be left in for future generations.

Whilst I try to do my bit, there's always more that could be done.  As a family we recycle what we can, but our kerbside collections don't take everything that can be recycled.

Take baby wipes packets for example.  Many councils don't have the capability to deal with them.  Thankfully Johnson's Baby have now joined forces with Terracycle and have come up with an innovative new upcycling scheme.

Reusing a product and turning it into something useful (upcycling) is much better for the environment that recycling (breaking an item down into it's raw components and then making another material from it), and the Wipe Out Waste campaign will see old Johnson's baby wipes packs turned into new products like bibs, mats and bags.

Even better news, this partnership will see Terracycle working with Johnson's looking at the entire manufacturing process from the factory to the end consumer, and reducing waste as much as they can throughout the whole process.

From next month, you will be able to register online at wipeoutwaste and you will be sent freepost labels.  Collect your empty packets and then simply send them off to be made into something else.  You can also chose which of your favourite charities will benefit - Johnson's and Terracycle are donating 2p to charity for every empty packet they receive.

So why not get together with your friends or ask your nursery if they'll join in too.

Sponsored post: Special thanks to Johnson's Baby.  I attended an event hosted by Johnson's Baby and Terracycle.  They paid my travel expenses, provided lunch and a goodie bag, as well as arts and craft and a fabulous lunch for Ruby who had a ball!


  1. Hey that's great news that they're taking the initiative to upcycle their packaging (feel so guilty seeing the rubbish pile up quicker since having a baby) but would you use that bag? Oh - just realised that's the bib!

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