Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Candles - the eco way to scent your home

I've been taking part in the 'green clean' month long challenge to banish chemicals from my home.  More about that later, but what I've missed most is fragrance in my house.

We're in the process of trying to sell our home, so this is more important than ever, and a bit of a challenge when you have a dog lolloping about the house!

Rather than resorting to the cliches of baking bread and having endless pots of coffee on the go, I have used fresh, fragranced flowers in most rooms, and scented candles in others.

http://www.candlescraftsgifts.co.uk/  kindly send me some samples to try.  I was pleased that these were soy candles, which are more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax. The soy comes from a sustainable source, it burns longer than paraffin wax and burns with a cleaner flame with 90% less soot.

I was given this candle presented in a tin, scented with apple and tea tree. A fresh, clean, subtle fragrance, and the pale green of the candle made it perfect to display in my hallway as a welcome to visitors.  These tins are available online at £4.99 and come in a range of other delicious sounding fragrances such as Cucumber and Cantaloupe; Baby Powder; Chocolate and Orange.

They also stock a selection of tealights - again, available in soy wax. I sampled the Jasmin tealight which was highly fragranced with a heady perfume. There are other scents and colours available, including lavender in a pale purple, lemon in yellow and a blue patchouli fragranced one.

Visit the website to see their range of Candles Crafts and Gifts.

Disclaimer: I received one candle as shown and one tea light to sample for the purposes of this review.  No financial reward was received and any views expressed are my own.

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  1. Wow that's cheap for soy candles. I use NEOM organic which are £30 odd but have an amazing, long lasting, not overpowering scent.....

    Would be amazing if these are subtle, longlasting at this price!